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  • Juicy sweeeeet.

  • huh?

  • Oh how we wish

  • to catch a fish!

  • So juicy sweeeeeeet!

  • *whispers* so juicy sweeeeeeet.

  • *growls*

  • You came all this way...

  • just for your revenge huh?

  • Well you enjoy it, bears.

  • Cause their aint nothing gonna bring your momma back.

  • *ROAR*

  • AaaaGGGGHHHH!!!

  • *mauls mauls mauls*


  • And the award goes to...

  • The Baby Bears for, The Revenant!

  • *Happy Roars*

  • This is the first Oscar for the baby Bears

  • And the first time two animals have received an award in a human category.

  • Okay I saw you blink! That means you no longer wish to be alive!

  • So here we go! Just gonna choke the life out of ya!

  • It's alright!

  • Just hang in there!

  • It'll all be over soon!

  • Just *gunshot* Ooooooh

  • I'm shot in the head.

  • I'm sorry, Dad! But he was choking you!

  • And I had this rifle...

  • and I didn't know what to do...

  • so I just took care of it! I'm sorry!

  • *makes Leo grunts*

  • *shivers*

  • And I thought they smelt bad... on the outside.

  • *Tauntaun roar*

Juicy sweeeeet.

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