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Hello, everybody! I hope you're all having an amazing week. So guys, getting your period. It's a good thing,
because it means that everything is working properly. But guys, let's face it, getting
your period sucks. As a therapist, I have never met a single girl who actually likes it when Aunt
Flo comes to visit. Guys, I feel like we're getting so intimate already. I love it. In this video,
I'm giving you my top ten hacks on how to get through your period like a boss. Because, I know
that periods can cause physical and emotional pain. If you guys are new to Ask Kimberly, welcome to the club.
Everybody is welcome. And be sure to subscribe for weekly relationship videos. My latest giveaway
is for the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in the Love Bite, which is so cute. To enter, all you
have to do is be subscribed to Ask Kimberly here on YouTube, and to follow me on Instagram here.
Now, we're going to be period champions. Let's get right into this video.
A change in hormones is super common during your period. So, have your best friend or your
mom on standby to chat on the phone when your period strikes. It is totally normal to go through
mood swings, and a good chat session can help you get through.
Treat yourself to chocolate. If it is over 70% cocoa, this treat can actually help relax your muscles.
Chocolate is also shown to reduce cortisol, and release endorphins, which can make
you feel less stressed, happier, and give you a boost of energy. Guys, you know I'm not a fan
of diets anyway. But, even if you are, do not worry too much about the extra calories in the chocolate.
Because, when you're on your period, your body actually needs up to 300 extra calories a day.
That's how much work your body is doing. It's the equivalent of about 30 minutes of running
for each day that you're on your period. Which means that you need to fill
your body up with nutritious foods to keep it fueled.
Have a nice, warm shower. The warm water will do wonders if you're feeling sticky, bloated, or moody.
And the heat from the water can actually help with your cramps too. Make sure you
actually remove your tampon or menstrual cup before you shower, because it's really easy to forget.
Always rinse your privates first with warm water, and then wash thoroughly with a lathery soap.
And then, rinse everything all over again. Then, put on a fresh pad or tampon, and a nice,
clean pair of undies, and you're good to go.
If you're feeling bloated or crampy, which is usually how I get on like day one, or just before I
get my period, use a heating pad or pregnancy pillow to minimize pressure on tender areas, or
areas that are cramping. I actually did have a pregnancy pillow before I had Cassie, but now I
actually just use 2 really big, soft, cushy pillows. And they do the trick.
Those of you who know me, know that I love my daily cup of coffee. But, during your period,
try to avoid large doses of caffeine, because one of its active ingredients actually increases cramping.
Instead of drinking coffee, try sipping on your favorite herbal tea. Drinking tea is an amazing
way to get your fluids in for the day, which you need a lot of during that time of the month. And
drinking tea has even been shown to reduce cramps. Something that I think none of us would complain about.
Did you guys know that toothpaste can actually help get out a tough period stain? Next time you
have an accident, try this. Use cold water on the stain instead of warm water, because warm water
can actually make the stain set in even more.
Then, apply toothpaste on the bloodstained area, let the toothpaste dry, and then rinse the
toothpaste away with cold water. And then, wash the entire area with soap and rinse with cold water again.
Guys, let me know if this hack works for you.
As girls, our period underwear are usually the ugliest mofos you can think of. My hack is to buy
at least 5 pairs of period panties that are larger and more comfortable. So, make sure you get
really fun colors and fabrics, and save them until your period actually comes. And that can make
getting your period just a little bit less drab.
Did you know that contraceptive methods including the birth control pill can actually affect your
hormones and your period? The contraceptive that's called the intrauterine system, or the IUS,
has actually been shown to reduce menstrual cramps and bleeding by 90%. So, even if you're not
sexually active right now, talking to your doctor about the right option for you is never a bad idea.
Okay guys, my final period hack. You know that feeling you have when you're super crampy
and you know your period is coming, but you haven't gotten it yet? Did you know you can
actually help induce your period and get it over with faster? Yes you can! Some of the active
ingredients in orange juice and, of all things, celery can actually increase pelvic blood flow.
Which, can induce your period and help get it over with faster.
This week, I was so excited to narrate a very special video for my brother, Mitch over at ASAP Science.
And the video is called, "Should you stop wearing tampons?" And I'll link the video right here.
I am so proud of Mitch and Greg, two guys, for actually putting a topic on their channel
that I think a lot of guys would actually be way too afraid to talk about. So guys, go over
to their channel and let them know how awesome they are by leaving a comment and letting
them know that I sent you.
This video was so important for me. So, if you loved it, give it a huge thumbs up. Come and
follow me on all my social medias. And of course guys, subscribe to Ask Kimberly for more
weekly videos on relationships. Bye everybody!
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10 AMAZING Period HACKS Every Girl Should Know!! AsapSCIENCE Collab and Kylie LipKit Giveaway

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kath_chaste published on December 18, 2016    Megan translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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