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♪Finally! Finally, finally, finally! ♪ The first debate between Trump and Hillary
finally happened and yeah so I figure I'll give my two cents since this is
the only place you're likely to hear analysis such as what mine will be.
Because The Young Turks and the like will say, "Hillary WON! We have to
vote against this racist orange whoopee cushion!!! AWESOME." And Alex Jones and his
ilk, of course they probably said already that Trump won. "Trump. Trump was the clear
winner. And a globalist elite!" And I'm going to try to keep this under 20 minutes
because I don't really want to ramble on too long I just wanna hit some points
that I thought were important reasons why I think the debate more or less
ended in a tie.
Although if I had to call it one way I guess 51 to 49 Trump. And I'll lay out
why Trump may have just barely edged Hillary out by hair. As expected all the
major media outlets called it a 'win' for Hillary and as expected Trump won all
the online polls. So first things first,
much of what you see online is going to be skewed be aware of
that. If you look at CNN's poll, Hillary won. And most of the media is using that
one poll that one selective poll, and they do this with everything.
So anytime...
So if Real Clear Politics which is an aggregate, so if the aggregate poll shows
Trump in the lead, what the media will do is they'll
focus in on that one poll that shows Hillary in the lead [an oulier poll] and so that's the
way that they skew the polls for those who are not aware. Now if you look at
Drudge Report which tends to be Republican heavy it'll say Trump won but
if you look at large cross sections of polls adjusted for bias you can
extrapolate a clearer picture of public opinion.
Ultimately it doesn't matter if every pundit and TV analyst thinks Hillary
won. If the primaries have taught us anything it's that it's never as
clear-cut for voters as CNN believes it is. And winning or losing the debate may
not necessarily translate to gaining independent or
undecided votes. Although Bernie won, if you look back at the primary
race; although Bernie won every online poll as well. Hillary always
ended up with more total votes though again one should be mindful of some of
the details that came out in the DNC leaks details to derail Bernie which you
were uncovered. Also rumors of voter fraud that were widely reported on by
local news affiliates during that time. Of course all of this stuff happened at
the local level, so nationally no one heard about it. What I would also happen
to point out is that the debate was somewhat stacked against Trump going in.
That was kind of evident in the amount of negative questions from the
moderator Lester Holt to Trump such as: tax returns,
endorsement of the Iraq war, stop-and-frisk, the birther issue, and
also I found this one to be the oddest question,
they kind of tied this together, "how do you feel about the first
woman president?" Or the idea of the first female president. And
also his history of respect or disrespect of women and does he accept
Hillary, would he accept Hillary as the first female president. He said he
Which I guess he didn't want to make a big issue out of it. So as for Hillary, and
if you watched the debates, you know she didn't get any direct negative questions from
Lester himself, but in all fairness he did follow up on negative
questions that were brought up by Trump. But Trump had to bring them up!
Like the email scandal and so forth. He didn't try to skim over it as I
thought would have happened. I thought that was what would happen actually, that
no one would bring it up at all and if Trump tried to bring it up they would
gloss over it if they could. But they didn't and one reason why they may
not have glossed over some of the points that Trump made up is
because Hilary did do a lot of prep work and you know her camp must
have known what would he would attack with. There's only so many things that
they were going to go at each other with. As I kind of
predicted it was the same old same old.
Otherwise, I thought Lester did a fair job moderating. Yeah
maybe he could have actually done a bit more moderating but it was probably
better to let them just go at each other freely rather than micromanage
everything. Let them run their mouths.
Maybe one of them will put their foot in it. Personally I
don't think that either one of them said anything extremely stupid not stupid
enough to tie their own noose and hang their campaign with. Maybe next
debate will get a no campaign ending comment or you know,
October is coming up. The next debate is October 9th so.. That WikiLeaks leak is
going to drop and if it's a doozy you know Trump's going to use it.
I was actually surprised that Trump came out with both arms swinging right
out of the gate. He came out with both arms swinging. At first he said, "Secretary
Clinton is that ok? Secretary Clinton how's that? I'm going to be respectful."
And then BOOM! I mean he just went H.A.A.M. I expected that he was
going to play a lot cooler at least for the first 15 minutes or so. I, as
a sort of unbiased observer, I did feel that he came off a bit unhinged at times.
Which is one of his biggest criticisms. And a point that many of the
fear mongers within the media who are on Clinton's side like to drive
home to the undecideds out there. All you have to do is just look at anything
written by Salon or Vox or any kind of online publication like that. I think the
CNN's. ..maybe you might see a little bit of that from MSNBC but
kind of the more traditional legacy media news outlets, they they tend
to be a bit more classy. But he really should have played it a lot
cooler. I would score that against Trump as an independent. As someone who's
registered independent. Someone who's really not invested in any of these
candidates. Or 'either' of these candidates because you know obviously the the
debate committee only wants a Republican and a Democrat onstage
unfortunately. Surprisingly I think a lot of people on
both sides, in Hillary Clinton's corner and in Trump's corner, they kind of
painted Jill Stein as being "a crazy person" finger quotes "crazy." She's crazy,
she's a fringe candidate, you know she doesn't really have anything to contribute. But
it's actually surprising, if you follow her on social media,
she often times hits Clinton harder than Trump does. Like MUCH
And she's very intimately acquainted with the details
of Hillary Clinton's career. Trump could borrow a couple of tactics
out of her play book. Anyway I'm getting way off way off topic.
Yeah so, he should have chilled the fuck out. But he didn't. He should have
attempted to come off a little bit more "unruffle-able" because he's
known for being a hothead. And some might call it 'passionate.' Some of the
independents or
undecideds out there they might also see it as being 'passionate' they may not see
it as being hot-headed. Or you know 'hair trigger' which, I kind of saw it
that way. As far as his hotheadedness, one of the
things that he managed to do, and I think he did this successfully, though I could be
wrong, but it seems like he put it to rest. He did squash much of the nuclear
talk, which as I said the fear mongers in the media try to sort of paint him as
unreliable. Like, "is just the guy you want with the nuclear codes? No!" But he
did come out and say, "no I promise I'm not going to initiate
a nuclear strike" and in fact, he emphasized that nuclear proliferation is
the biggest threat to the planet which he could have stopped there. And he
probably should have stopped there. I think his point would have been well
made. But then he went on to say it was a bigger threat than climate change.
Like dude...
For some of the people who are on the fence he
shouldn't invoke anything, this is kind of a right-wing talking point, he really
shouldn't have brought up anything superfluous. Anything
unnecessary. He shouldn't have done that. He's kind of throwing that out there to
his to his own base who he's already won.
He's already got his own base on lockdown so if you can
avoid the topic of climate change regardless of what his personal feelings
are, and I have a feeling that he's either ambivalent or he does really
realize the importance of climate change but he's
not going to say so in order not to rock the boat with his Republican base.
Yeah so anyway,
funny enough he deleted his famous Tweet claiming that climate change is a
hoax invented by the Chinese.
To gain an edge in global business and trade which is really funny.
He doubles down on everything else so he should have just left it be.
Or maybe he shouldn't have mentioned it at all. Which again,
this kind of goes to,
'did he do homework for the debate?' I mean somebody in his in his corner must have
realized, he's got to have coaches. Or maybe they did coach and
say, 'listen, if she brings this up this is what you should say' but he
just went off the rails and that's typical Trump. Now conversely, in all
fairness to Hillary Clinton because I know there's many Trump supporters who
are subscribed to me now and I'm going to say that your opinion in this case,
(this is going to piss people off) doesn't really matter much. And I'm
sure a lot of people right now are going, "oh? Who are YOU to say
my opinion doesn't matter buddy!?!?! SCREW YOU!" *Unsubscribe* And of course
that's not exactly what I mean by that.
So I shall explain; what I mean to say is, that if you're already in the bag for
Trump you're going to vote Trump nothing Hillary Clinton can say will sway you
from not voting for Trump. And conversely, if you're already a Hillary fan, you know
whoever is a Hillary fan
that's out there. That exists. If they exist at all, they're are a rare breed like
chupacabras. So if you're in the bag for Hillary,
you're not likely to be swayed by anything that Donald Trump says. If it
were possible, it would have been done a long time ago on either side. If
either or could sway. So when they get up onstage they're not
trying to change each other's minds. They're not really trying to change the
minds of the fans. Right now they're at a 50/50 dead heat so what
they're trying to do is, the people who are independents as I keep stressing and
the undecided voters and also you know whatever first-time voters who are
looking at this thinking, 'should I stay home that day or is this important?'
Which one is going to convince me? Those are the people
who matter.
So what it comes down to is the independent voters and the undecideds.
A lot of people don't seem to realize that. A lot of people who are personally
invested in the political hullabaloo. It's not about the
partisans at all. Partisans are easy to account for because we know how they're
going to vote.
That's that's why I say, "don't take them into, I don't
take them into consideration." That's why I say, "your opinion doesn't matter." To any
Hillary fans who are out there listening, which I'm sure it's like ONE. And any
Trump supporters who are listening, which I'm sure, probably judging
by the amount of subscribers I've recently gained there is probably a handful in
there. So that's why I put the emphasis on independent voters. Which I've said
many many times, they make up 42% of eligible voters
currently in the United States. That's important. And I hate to have to keep
hammering the same points over and over again, sounding like a broken record but..
Also politics is not about getting things done.
That's not important. So what do I mean by that? I mean that
politics is all the fucking shit show.
If you don't know that by now you'd better open your eyes and take a look
It's about how you present yourself. It's about sweet-talk. It's about convincing
people that you're the best choice. "How to get elected." If Trump thinks that
Hillary Clinton is the best choice, do you think he's gonna concede? NO!
And vice versa, if Hillary Clinton was like, 'yeah you know what
I think Donald Trump makes some fair points.' Or Gary Johnson or
Jill Stein. Do you think if... Actually, let's say for example everybody was
allowed to debate fairly; all four major candidates and YES they are major
candidates, the Green Party and the Libertarian party. With their poll
numbers they are certainly contenders. And so let's say they're all
on stage and I don't know for sake of argument we'll say that Gary Johnson is
making the most sense or actually for sake of argument that Jill Stein is making
the most sense because she's got the lowest poll numbers. So she's got the
lowest poll numbers but she's up on stage and now
she's got a national platform here so she can get her message out and everybody
onstage goes, "oh you know what?" Actually if you have Trump thinking in his mind like, "you
know what? Maybe this chick has the best policy?
Perhaps I should concede?" NO! None of them are going to do that! None of them
are going to do that. They all want to get elected. It's all about gaining power.
Politicians are good at getting elected. THAT'S IT. Not getting things done.
It's all debating. It's all debating trickery that's that's all it is. It's
not an accident that so many politicians are lawyers. So yeah, when you're a
lawyer consider the fact that what
trying to do is, you're trying to argue better than what the other person's
lawyer is arguing. And YES, there's evidence but it's mostly based on trying
to convince a jury of something. So you can have all the evidence in the world and it could
be the most damning convicting evidence, but if your lawyer is good enough to
build a case that's convincing, regardless of facts they can win the
case. So politics operates along those same principles. Anyway.. I keep
going off on tangents. But to bring this back around, Hillary Clinton to her
credit she did a fair job. That's what I thought. I thought. she did a fair job and
I'm an independent voter remember that. I am not beholden to any of these
parties. I don't really think very highly of any of them.
So Clinton, I thought she did a fair job, she was prepared, she came out, everything
seemed to be going well and then Trump hit her hard and she
got a bit wacky but she managed to regain control of herself and remain
stately. Which was good. She brought back the healing grandma persona. She almost
lost it with all the misfire speeches that she's been doing lately but she
managed to in the debate to return to form and that's probably going to score
well with many independents. YES, it sounded a bit canned, but it's important that
she regained that stately persona. That she's the 'reasonable' candidate, that
she's the 'calm' one. She's the one who's calm and collected. She's not going to go off
the rails like Trump. Some might say that she was too robotic but
they were both going for soundbites not substance and that's another thing that
I think is important to note. I've already seen clips of from the first
sound bites that Hillary said in Hillary for president TV ads. She
has already put pieces from the first debate in her ads! It took not even six
hours! Because I went to bed that night, I woke up and then I was
watching a YouTube video or something like on my phone and there was a
Hillary ad. On my computer I have ad blocker but on the
phone I can't do anything about it and I saw the Hillary ad. And within the
first three seconds there was a clip of Hillary from the debate. It was ALREADY
incorporated into a commercial in an ad
campaign! That's being massively put out there on YouTube and presumably
TV. That's crazy. It's crazy that actually, the debate was more about
creating sound bites rather than substance. You know we saw some of that 2012 as
well with Romney vs Obama but it was still kind of primitive, social media wasn't quite
what it is today. It didn't have the presence, the kind of power that it does
now (for better or worse) because at least it was half social media bullshit
and half substance. There were points where they did talk about policy
positions and so it was a snorefest. Therefore of course you didn't get record numbers
of viewers. Now Trump on the other hand, let me go back into this because I
tend to go off the rails myself, as far as ranting, Trump on the
other hand as I said, I think he went a little too wild to quickly.
I don't mind that he went wild.
I don't think it harms him necessarily. I think that's what people expect of him.
Although he did manage to get himself back under control toward the end and I
think that's what really matters more than anything is how you finish not how
you start. Because even if you have a strong start,
if in the last 10 or 15 minutes you end on a sour note
the takeaway is going to be that that person performed poorly or
performed sloppily. And then you're kind of screwed. At least Trump chilled
out towards the end, but also because of his incoherent style he did miss a lot of
opportunities to score points against Hillary. And Hilary performed as
well as I thought she would, maybe a little bit better.
I don't want people to think that I'm anti-Hillary. I mean, I've stated
that I don't really her, but I don't really like any of them. But graded on a scale,
she would be at the bottom.
She's the least liked, but credit where credit's due.
She performed better than I thought, because I thought she
might cough or I don't know if they pumped her up full of Vicks Chloraseptic or
what but either way, she managed to hold together. And as an independent voter I
can tell you, watching her I thought she did okay.
Although, it's easy for me not to get drawn into her bullshit because
I'm a little more politically literate than the average person. So I know that
everything she says is
bullshit. I know that half the things that she was up there saying like,
'we need to do this' ..oh really!? Because uh eight years ago you said we needed to do
You said we needed to do the opposite. So I know you're full of shit. And Trump
zinged her on some of that so points to Trump for that. So I know
that because of a long-standing career she's mostly just blowing smoke. They
ALL are. Remember when Obama was going to close Gitmo? ..yeah you
didn't do that. Remember when Obama wasn't gonna start any new conflicts
because he was the anti-George Bush?
Yeah that didn't happen. I'm pretty sure Obama just gave a fuck ton of weaponry
to the Saudis so that they (as a proxy for us) can bomb the
fuck out of Yemen. Those who are apolitical interestingly, and this is
kind of an important point that, I don't know how many others have mentioned this, the
canary in the coal mine for me, is that I know many apolitical people.
Most of the people that I know in fact. They're not really political, they're gamers. My roommates
they're all gamers. They don't really care about politics. They
don't really care about anything.
They don't even care about pussy! They care about playing their video games.
That's what matters to them, but even THEY watched the debates. This is the
massive crowd that the debates brought in. I mean,
they brought in sporting event numbers of people and that's also important and
I'm gonna get to that later, why I think that's important. So what
impresses people like that is, mostly apolitical people of a
certain age bracket as well, also I live with guys
(unfortunately) I live with a bunch of guys, and what impresses them is
bravado. More than having strong policy or coming off 'stately' or any of
that stuff, they were impressed with with Trump because he came off like a
pro-wrestler. So when they saw Trump behaving as he did, the way that comes
off for some on the Left, people who lean towards Hillary or lean left or people
who consider themselves to be sensible, librarian, bookish type people who are
calm and reserved; those types of people, they saw someone who
was a little more unhinged. But for much of America who are operating with their
lizard brains, they saw what was not really a bully or a braggart (maybe
a braggart) but what they saw was somebody who's not afraid. What they saw
was somebody who's aggressive, who is, I guess you could say, "passionate" someone
who doesn't back down, someone who's a "strong" quotes quotations "strong leader."
That's what they saw. And I didn't say anything, I didn't prime
anyone's mind to think anything. I just sat back and I observed people who I
know are apolitical. I did laugh a little bit but, mostly I just watched. Watched their
expressions when Hillary spoke and watch their expressions when Trump
spoke and it's amazing because forcefulness is what impressed them. So
there are many people out there, actually my roommates they're, so this is
the power of this current election cycle: one of them voted for Obama twice. The
other one has never voted in his life and he registered to vote. And not only
did he register to vote, but he came to me and he's waving his voter
registration card that came in the mail like, "YES I'm gonna vote!" He is PSYCHED to do it.
Psyched to do it!
And you could tell that he is, (just as many people like this)
there's many people like this. Just waiting for a little bit of push to
vote for, it won't take anything to impress them from Trump, in
order to vote for Trump. Because Trump is almost like when Arnold Schwarzenegger
ran for governor of California. How many of the votes he got were
just 'celebrity' votes??? And I think Trump is gonna get a lot of 'celebrity' votes as
well. Yeah it's unbelievable, back to grading the debate, it's
unbelievable how many missed points there were from both candidates. Trump
especially though. He was way too scatterbrained.
Anyone following either of these fuckers, they've already heard
90% of the crap we heard at the debate. As for points against each
other, the debate mostly consisted of emptiness like I said, there was no real..
..there was nothing substantive there. It was just *buzzword* *buzzword*
*emotional response*
"Don't you want to vote for me???" *buzzword* *buzzword* *buzzword* *buzzword* "Don't want to
you wanna vote for me???" Typical Trump rally talking points.
BLAH! Who cares..? Hillary well, you know.. To Trump's credit and again,
if it gives him anything, (by a hair) because he's so incoherent he
missed out a lot. And like I said I think he came off 'UNHINGED' to certain
people. But he did make some points. I think overall (by a hair) BY A HAIR
he probably won the debate. I wouldn't
even factor in some of those online polls. Some of them I guess I would, yeah.
I guess yes, to an extent. But also to an extent, no. It is a fairly,
it's a decent indicator but not necessarily everyone who
fills out a poll is gonna go out and vote. And not everyone
who participated in some of those online polls is even American or eligible to vote.
So that's another reason why maybe those polls are not as
scientific as they might be. But yeah, so as far as grading the debate,
typical Trump rally stuff, typical stuff we've heard from Hillary a gajillion
times (if you follow Hillary at all) and again, *buzzword* *buzzword* "Drapery installers"
That was one thing that I recall: "like my dad was" - "drapery
installers like my dad was. He was middle-class!" *Invoking family*
*middle-class* *the little guy* *a real American working class hero* Even though
her father was basically the equivalent of a multi-millionaire
for the time. It was funny, she also said, "BUY MY BOOK!" There was a commercial in the debate.
I mean REALLY.. Talk about canned answers! "BUY MY BOOK!
...because its bombing harder than I'll bomb Iran and Russia."
Trump, he name-dropped 'Reagan' ..come on dude.. Who cares about any of this stuff..? Hillary,
she name-dropped her husband Bill. I think in an attempt to remind everyone
of the good times back in the nineties. And she also dropped a '9/11' which
I found really funny. I half expected her to do it and a half not but, yeah she
ended up dropping in one '9/11.' Trump, he got the most laughs of the night with his
"strongest asset is his temperament" comment.
And knowing Trump, I don't know, that may have been intentional.
Maybe not. Who knows.
Certainly it was funny since Trump's temperament is worse than Joe Pesci in
Goodfellas. So that was, again I don't know if that was strategic or what.
Who knows. I've given Trump too much credit for being strategic in the
past, but then later on it would almost appear as though he's playing
three-dimensional chess so it's hard to say. But uh yeah so one thing he failed to
come across on was really nailing it home that Clinton,
all the things that she's trying to say we should do, are exactly the opposite
things she championed the in the first place!
Talking Points, talking points, a bunch of talking points. And then Trump mentioned
'super-predator' score for Trump. Then when race came up they were both
kinda weaksauce on the race issue. One of the things that
she brought up, the housing bias issue from 1973. And a lot of people actually,
this was a big suit against many people, it wasn't just against Trump. They make
it sound as though, the media makes it sound, and Hillary made it sound as
though this was something that Trump was singled out for. But no. This was
something pretty much everyone at the time was being hammered by the Justice
Department on. And Trump actually spent a lot of money and he ended up settling
and there was no wrongdoing.
So there's nothing officially legally on the books that says, "YES Trump is
guilty!" ..of anything. He walked away scot-free. So one of the things
on that is, that he failed to mention, and I think he started to say it but
he didn't come through because he was just all over the place. He said
that, or started to mention the Mar-a-Lago in Florida which
was, so at the time, all of these clubs were segregated. There was no
blacks allowed and even no Jews allowed. He actually helped to integrate it. He was
one of the first people to integrate down there and it
was a big deal at the time. In fact, there's a glowing review [of him] that was in the
The Wall Street Journal (and I'll put the link in the description.)
Someone wrote a very long lengthy glowing review saying,
"Thank God for this guy Trump because he's really combating racism." And why
they [the Trump campaign] haven't pushed that further.
or even on the Trump side on twitter since his social media army is strong
(to say the least.)
So why they don't push that harder, I don't..
I don't quite understand. So, failing to close the deal on integrating
the Mar-a-Lago in Florida because he's a rambling scatterbrain, that's was a missed point.
If you've ever seen any of his rallies, this is what he does. If
you've watched any of his rallies, which I'm sure many people who are listening
to this video,
they've watched his rallies and they know how he is. He's not going to turn off his
base at all with the way he was. Some of what you're hearing from pundits,
they're saying, he was seen as a ranting wild man. This is going to turn
people off. Well, it's not going to turn off his base they're already very well
acquainted with this side of Trump. It's the independents.
How many of them thought he was a rambling wildman? Unhinged? And how many
of them thought he was just passionate? Hard to say right now. But you know the
the polls would show a slight bump for Trump (that rhymed.)
And Hillary's fans they know who she is already. This election, as I've
said, this is the election is going to be decided by independents and undecided
voters. So if you thought the debate was anything other than than a tie,
I think you're crazy. I think you're probably a partisan ideologue if you
thought it was anything more than a tie or slight, maybe a slight advantage
to Trump. So the debates they don't exist to change the minds of partisans,
they exist to change the minds of those on the fence, and let me tell you, there
wasn't much mind changing material there. There just wasn't. Just cheap jabs. But I
will conclude with this, and this can't be underestimated; the debate brought in
Super Bowl viewership because of Trump. Not because of anybody else. Think about
it: if the debate had been Jeb versus Hillary would anyone have cared at all?
So that, (to me) I think is a score for Trump or point for Trump. People
care about this because of Trump as I said with my roommate, record setting sporting
event viewing numbers are tuning in, are paying attention. Not only to the
debates but the entire election because of Trump. And in this soundbite war,
essentially, it's just been a war of soundbites, that's what the debate was.
Hillary's strongest shot, I guess was coincidentally the first shot of the
night which was her "Trumped-up trickle-down" remark. And yeah it
was a rehearsed sound bite remark. I think at the time it was kind of strong.
I don't know about now. Now it's been a day and
it hasn't really taken hold so what seemed like a meme worthy shot at first,
because when you looked at his face when she said that, I think he kind of winced
a bit you could tell that maybe it kind of hit him a little bit.
But yeah, it seems to have fallen flat. So the knockout punch sound bite from Trump
would have been: "Yeah you've got experience, it's bad experience!" It's a
good sound bite. It goes toward as I've been saying in many of my
other videos that, her selling point aside from being the 'sane/calm
/reasonable' candidate, is that she's the 'most experienced presidential candidate
in American history.' So if Trump can destroy that idea in independent voter's
minds it'll go a long way. This is why again I would say if Trump won, it was by a hair.
By 'a hair' because he could have done better, but he didn't. Clinton was
She did sound a bit canned but she managed to hold her own. For those
who are looking for that kind of 'calm/reserved' person who they
feel faith in that they'll run the country, not into the ground but at least
maintain the status quo, at worst.
After all is said and done, I would say that all in all I predict they're going to
remain mostly in a dead heat as they've been. And that's why I would call it a
tie because I think we're going to see maybe a bump in the polls for Trump and
then it might just level off again and return back to a
dead heat. Because [the debate] just.. I don't know man.. Maybe Trump will rise and
maintain a lead, but I don't think it's going to be as much as I had
initially thought it it would have been. And if it does it'll be because of mostly
'bravado' points as I said and not so much because he did such a
fantastic job. I don't really think either of them did a
fantastic job. They kind of sucked. It was sort of a boring debate because
it was just trading soundbites, that's it.
There was nothing there. There was just nothing there really. It could have been, like I said,
could've been stronger. I think Clinton did a good job. If I had to say, my
takeaway would be that Clinton did a good job.
I mean, she exceeded what I expected of her. Whereas Trump did not. He
did not perform at the level I thought he would have. And I think one of the
reasons is just.. I don't know. People claimed that he was sniffling. So one of
the other reasons, I guess actually thinking about it. one of the other
things that I would say, why Trump kind of came out on top in those
debates is because the takeaway wasn't the "Trumped-up trickle-down" comment. It was,
'Why is Trump sniffling?' Howard Dean, who used to be kind of
a people's champ at one time, and the media fucked him over with that whole
"Dean scream" bullshit.. Him of all people,
he seemed like he was kind of a cool guy at one time as far as like
politicians who are not complete sellouts and he came out with this tweet
saying words to the effect of like, "why is Trump sniffling? Does he use
cocaine? And THAT became the meme. Trump sniffling and this cocaine
connection. THAT..? That's weak.
That's a really weak. And if that's all you got, that's your biggest [takeaway from the debate] yeah then
Trump won, honestly..
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Who Won The First Presidential Debate: Trump or Clinton?

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Plai Foong published on October 2, 2016
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