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  • What's the difference between 'on', 'in', 'onto' and 'into'?

  • Do we have to add 'to'?

  • Does it matter? Does it make a difference?

  • What's the meaning of life?

  • In this video, we'll answer all of those questions, but, first, we need to focus on the prepositions 'on' and 'in'.

  • Where is Aly?

  • He is 'inside' or 'in' the pool.

  • Where's Tom?

  • 'Outside' or 'out' of the pool.

  • Where's the fish?

  • 'On' a plate.

  • Where is my phone?

  • 'In' my pocket.

  • So, 'in', 'out', 'off', 'on': they show the location of objects.

  • My phone is 'in' my pocket,

  • Aly is 'in' the pool.

  • But, if we talk about movement, 'from off to on', or 'from out to in', then we must add 'to'.

  • For example: I 'put' a fish 'onto' the plate.

  • I 'put' the tweezers 'into' my pocket.

  • Do I have to add 'to'?

  • Couldn't I just say 'I put the fish on a plate', 'I put the phone in my pocket'?

  • Yes, you could say that!

  • But that's why we use 'to', to show movement.

  • Now, be careful, we say 'onto something', but we don't say '"offto" something' - it's just off.

  • The same with 'into', that's okay, 'outto', no!

  • Here's your test!

  • So, Aly and Tom are peeing.

  • But, where are they peeing?

  • One of them is peeing 'in' the pool, one of them is peeing 'into' the pool.

  • Did you guess correct?

  • Aly is peeing 'in' the pool because that's his location: He is in the pool.

  • Tom is peeing 'into' the pool because his pee is going from out to in the pool.

  • I know that was a gross example, but when someone asks you what the difference is, you'll remember.

  • See you next time!

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  • Oh, and the meaning of life is Pancakes!

What's the difference between 'on', 'in', 'onto' and 'into'?

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English prepositions: "In", "Into", "On", and "Onto"

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