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hello I'm Paula a certified Wilton Method instructor
and today I am going to be showing you just how easy and fun it is to create
it's beautiful to two-tone look at our cupcake using the
1M double bag swirl technique, the supplies will be using
are a 16 inch disposable decorating bag fitted with a 1M tip
we're also gonna be using 2 individual bags
12-inch using our medium consistency buttercream icing
this one has been colored in a beautiful teal color
but you can actually use any color that you like. What I'm gonna be doing is
snipping off the tips of these 2 bags
and I'll be inserting them into the larger bag fitted with the
1M tip all I have to do is drop again
and make sure that the two bags align
squeeze and go ahead and twist my bag
what I'm going to be doing is giving my bag some medium pressure
and I'll be starting to make just a few stars so as I squeeze I want to ensure
that the colors are
right up against each other, as I squeeze
I can just make a few test stars
to make sure that the color comes out in a two-tone effect
once you've achieved the color variation that you want you can go ahead and
begin to decorate your cupcake
this is a classic 1M swirl I am going to be starting slightly above
the surface of the cupcake in the center I'll start with a star
I'll move directly left swirl out
and around in a 12 o'clock position
as I come back in I will just continue to swirl
and there you have it
simple and easy. The nice thing is is that you can also use this method to
other beautiful designs for example this cake was created
using a 126 petal tip to creating a vertical
ribbon design. So if you like some more additional ideas make sure to sign up
for course one at your local Wilton retailer
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Create Easy and Fun Cupcakes using the Double Bag Swirl Technique

157 Folder Collection
lucy published on September 29, 2016
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