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We are here to show you exercise! So everyone please take your seats
enjoy the show and we will be here on screen
for ever and ever. So
you heard it first from Mr. Roan - wait wait can I
please tell everyone what we're doing? No I will do it!
I will do it! Can you tell them can you tell what we're gonna do first?
Ok I will do it. Okay go ahead. First everyone, we are going
I'm going to read our exercise board, then
then yoga breathing, then dumbbells
and then we will be all done!
Can I tell them something?
What, no I will tell them something. But I want to tell them something
No I will do it! Okay. Alright Roan just
what we've talked about is his
I want to talk I want to do it! Will you tell them? Okay
I am going to read the whole list and I read the whole list
and today, and this helps you
exercise every day. Very good
Go ahead, tell them. Alright yoga is exercise
Today I will do yoga. Yoga is a form of
exercise where I could try to make my body
look like different animals or shapes. I begin yoga with a combination of
my muscles and my mind. I may try to look like a cat, dog or
tree or bridge
Listen to my teacher. I may do yoga with a
partner. Yoga can be fun. And I can learn
about my animals
too and one more thing, don't forget to drink water. Thank you!
for telling everyone that! Can we show them how we do your yoga
breathing? Okay. Alright. So he's following a visual schedule
That we talked about. We are doing calm body
We are doing calm body. To help
calm the body and the mind. To help
calm the body and the mind. To prepare
To prepare. Roan. Roan. Or other
children and adults. Or other children
or adults like Mommy and the principle. Yes
For exercise. For exercise. Exactly
Alright so after we do the calm body
After we do the calm body. We get up and we do the
Candle breathing. For? For 15
seconds. So let's do the candle. No the combine breathing
first? Okay ready? Can somebody
set the timer? Here we go, ready?
and I just work on Roan. He's raising his tummy up and down, breathing in
through his nose, out through his mouth, he's doing perfect
so strong, really
focused. But when we started it wasn't this way
he was a little bit jumpy, right?
Yes. But that's okay, because we have fun when we
exercise don't we? Yeah
Nice job! Alright, let's show them
the candle. Yeah? Ready? Everybody
we will show you this candle. Come on, up on our knees
Good. Alright and how many are we doing?
We're doing 15. Very good. Ready? So what we're doing
is we're really preparing him to now stand up and do some bigger
gross motor movements and this is something that you can do with your kids
your students, your adults, again to start them low
to start them low on the ground and then prepare them to stand
and get their bodies ready to move. Very good. Alright so we did
15 and he's following his schedule perfectly
which again may not always happen but at least this is that
visual guide, to give your students, or your children
just a better guide to what you're asking them to do
so some type of visual support is necessary. Good. Now let's show them the next exercise
we can do. Frog breathing
Ready? Can somebody set the time? Yep. Go ahead, put your feet
down, good. Now Roan sometimes we
put footprints here for 'em, but he knows what
Okay so we know what the footprints for us
know that we can clap
for today and I would like, first on the schedule
Let's finish our claps, let's finish our schedule. So we have to do our claps and know how to do this and
you can do this with your child
or your teachers or your parents to do it. Yes and
let's do our claps, ready?
Let's cross
Nice job! Alright. Next is the Spike breathing. Who's spike?
Tell everyone who Spike is. So everybody
my dog is Spike, that's right Mommy and so
so if you have a dog named Spike, you can do this
Spike breathing with your dog and apparently you could do this
one with your child or with your yoga teacher like
yeah. Alright. So who has a dog named Spike? You do
Yes! So let's do it, let's show everyone your Spike breathing. So we're going to show you
all about your Spike breathing, because today
we know...Now you guys will find this hard to believe but when I first worked with
Mr. Roan, he
really didn't talk too much, but now
he is excellent and this is one of the first things we started with was yoga
because at his age - oh no I'm saying too much!
I know I know. Alright I'm not talking. So if you did this one with your
yoga teacher. You can actually do it
Keep that butt up! You could make any
Muscular fitness
For your dog! It's not perfect
and it's fine if it doesn't look exactly like you demonstrate or you show on the card or that
the picture on the card, as long as they're moving that's what we want to do
we want to get our kids moving. No no no!
So we got to get our kids moving
into our dog pose, or our frog pose
I like it...Nice job! Alright. Hey
that's the marks left from footprints. Yes they are
Alright so look, we did our
calm body, we did our candle, we did the frog
we did the Spike and what's next? The tree one so
alright so
So if you have a tree
in your yard you can efficiently do it but
today you know how to do it so you could have
have your tree every day, if you have a cat
in your house or a frog, a pet frog in your house
you can calm body with them. Roan
what leg are you balancing on? This leg so now we have to switch legs
What leg is this? This is your right leg. This is your?
Right leg. This is your? Left leg. Very good. So if
you want to do this for 15 seconds if you can
but I know all of you are so strong
so super strong that
can keep your muscles, so you could keep your muscles
all day to do it and now you can
have a flag, so where's the flag, somebody know where the flag is? Oh!
Hey. Is there a flag here? Hey, nice job! So if you have a
flag you can say the pledge of allegiance at your school, now you can't do it
if you can. Hey
That was excellent job, can we clap please?
Nice job, now next I want to say so we did we
read our exercise story and we did our
yoga breathing. So now we have to do body parts
Nice job but let's clap and say, let's tell everyone
we'll see them at the next Roan
segment. Yeah we'll see you at the
next Roan segment so...say we'll be right back
we'll be right back! Alright! So
We did it!
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Teaching Yoga to Children with Autism

157 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on September 29, 2016
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