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colony collapse disorder is a big problem throughout the United States and
Europe it turns out that
a massive amount of honeybees are dying off and for the longest time researchers
can figure out what it was
and you also have up certain pesticide companies
pushing this narrative that hey you know what there are multiple reasons for why
this is happening
kinda to shift focus away from pesticides and focus more on
loss of habitat certain viruses that the bees could be suffering from
and that's not to discount that those are possibilities but
it turns out the pesticides according to a new study have a huge part in a huge
in colony collapse disorder so I it was a harvard researcher that looked into it
looked into this his name is Chen saying lou and here's when he found out he was
working with nearby beekeepers
and the Harvard researcher and his team treat it well colonies with tiny levels
up something known as New York Knicks or communicate annoyed
pesticides and they kept six control hives free
on the popular chemicals all 18 hives made it their summer
without any apparent trouble come winter though the bees in six
the treated hives vanished leaving behind a bee colonies the classic
behaviour colony collapse disorder
yet so basically at the control group he had you know that the group hives that
were being treated
with the pesticide overexposed to the pesticides and he saw that look
while they were %uh exposed to pesticides during the summertime
it was totally fine nothing happened but then come winter
everything changed they've decided to abandon are the hives which is very
rare that's not supposed to happen yep yeah and add so as he said this is like
that it's very methodologically sound he responded some other earlier criticism
that said to be a little harder for the pesticide industry
to say you know don't pay attention with this guy did now but there've been
studies going back
10-12 years showing that these pesticides do have a negative effect
unbearable often will have their own scientists come out and say oh
yeah you can kill the pesticides critics certain amount with other side to show
that one to 100
is actually in up and and this is what happens when you allow
that companies are vested interested to govern
you know what what policies we have in terms the spread is pesticides and if
such as
you know we'll ever be is our life and a honey like bees and other insects like
that are used to pollinate three-quarters of all the crops we
consume as humans this is
this is a matter of life and death for cancellations LA
better and Syngenta are the two companies behind other pesticides that
are being used to treat our crops
and you know what their intentions are probably good to begin with I mean at
this point I mean what do you what
ida look the pesticides debate is obviously complicated
but you want to ensure that the crops grow without the fear of
past getting in there and destroying everything I understand that
yet but if you have evidence indicated these pesticides lead to
be is just dying of it's a disaster and just one quick point
up this year beekeepers in Ohio really felt it they reported a winter loss
up 52 eighty percent of their beans so it's a problem for sure
go ahead yeah well I'm glad you brought up that point about why this is
important to us because there's something called the food chain and
these are the bottom
but they are incredibly important for everything that works its way up to us
because if the plants don't pollinate and then animals don't graze I mean
you know it it's pretty obvious what's going on here so we need to be concerned
about this
and by the way you know we used to have its best this as a fire retardant in
school then they found out that causes cancer
so it is it that it doesn't take a great leap of faith to think that maybe these
pesticides they say could cause
I neurological function to drop in the
yeah memory problems admission so they'll it's not just that they're dying
they actually are just leaving Wally go let me think that they're leaving the
and they don't even know where they're supposed to return to yeah and
so we really really is terrible and it will affect so this is the type thing
that we're talking about
right any basis in science much like climate change that we were talking
about earlier
absolutely and again that's not to discount be the notion that lawsuit have
a top plays a role as well I think it definitely does
but to say that the pesticides don't play a role in to listen to what these
corporations are telling us about the pesticides doesn't make sense either
you there have been a number so use this is just another one to top it off
and in this particular study the methodology is sound and I love that you
brought that up John
and bear actually responded to it here's what they had to say
feeding honey bees levels at neonicotinoids greater than 10 times
what they would normally encounter is more than unrealistic
it is deceptive and represents a disservice to genuine scientific
investigation related to honey bee help
so they're basically alleging that he used way too much of the past the side
while he was doing a study buddy says
no that's an absolute lie here's what his response was
in an email Lu disputed this attack he noted that the dose use point 74
micrograms per be per day over thirteen weeks
is actually quite tiny by contrast a grain of table salt ways
64,000 800 micrograms Jesus
yeah I mean I look we have to just people you're gonna believe there are
they telling the truth there is he trying to they can't agree with this
site is rather than the corporation's property for
as this app it doesn't always get the I'm
yet we we need is saying about this on I'm glad we're finally doing we went
right we literally said to me
we've been trying to do the story for weeks right yeah I mean yeah
gary has been around since 2006 I kid you not that when we first started
I'm colony collapse disorder and and people are wondering what it was
and actually Harvard has been studying this
extensively and there have been questions about you know the
accuracy or that the legitimacy of the methodology
but now we finally have a study where you know most scientists have looked
into it say
yeah this looks like sound methodology it makes sense
it's time to actually do something about it for a brief period of time
Europe actually banned the use of this pesticide
I think that they actually lifted the ban I'm not entirely sure about that
up but we need to figure out what what we're gonna do that's when it comes to
this because it is destroying agriculture in the united states. we
need bees bees to pollinate their crops
yeah unending bears basically just playing a waiting game I think that they
think that they just wait two or three more years there'll be no more be is
left to experiment on
man they want to deal with her
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Harvard Researcher Discovers Cause Of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder

114 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on September 29, 2016
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