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This is the Honey Badger.
Watch it run in slow motion.
It's pretty badass, look, it runs all over the place.
"Woah! Watch out!" says that bird.
Ew! Its got a snake?!
Oh! It's chasing a jackal!
Oh my gooooosh!
Oh, the Honey Badgers are just CRAAAZY.
The Honey Badger has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records
as the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom.
It really doesn't give a shit.
If its hungry, its hungr-EW, whats that in its mouth!?
Oh, its got a cobra? Oh, it runs backwards?
Now watch this: Look! A snake's up in a tree.
Honey Badger don't care!
Honey Badger don't give a shit! It just takes what it wants.
Whenever it's hungry it just- EW and it eats snakes?
Oh my god, watch it dig! Look at that digging.
The Honey Badger is really pretty badass.
They have no regard for any other animal what-so-ever.
Look, he's just grunting and- EW, eating snakes?
EW, whats that a mouse? ...Oooh, that's nasty!
Oh, they're so nasty.
Ooh, look! It's chasing things, and eating them.
The Honey Badgers have a fairly long body,
but a distinctly thick set, broad shoulders,
and you know, their- their skin is loose allowing them to move about freely, and they twist around.
Now look, here's a house full of bees.
You think the Honey Badger cares? It doesn't give a shit!
It goes right into the house of bees to get some larvae.
How disgusting is that? It eats larvae! Ew, thats so nasty.
But look, the Honey Badger doesn't care, its getting stung like a thousand times.
It doesn't give a shit. It just- it's hungry.
It doesn't care about being stung by bees!
Nothing can stop the honey badger when it's hungry.
Oh, what a crazy fuck, look!
Ew, it's eating larvae, that's disgusting!
There it is, running in slow motion again, see?
Now whats interesting is that other animals, like these birds here,
they just like to wait around until the Honey Badger's done eating,
and then it swoops in to pick up the scraps!
It says, "You do all the work for us, Honey Badger, and we'll just eat whatever you find."
"How's that, what do you say, stupid?"
Look at this bird. "Thanks for the treat, stupid!"
"Hey come back here." says the Honey Badger.
Birds don't care. and you know what? The Jackals do it too.
Look at these little dogs.
They're like, "Thanks, stupid! Thanks for the mouse! See you later!"
The Honey Badger does all the work while these other animals just pick up the scraps.
At nighttime, the Honey Badger goes hunting, 'cause it's hungry.
Look! Here comes a fierce battle between a king cobra and a Honey Badger.
I wonder what'll happen?
Look at this: there's the Honey badger just eating a mouse...
and then look! "Get away from me!" says the snake. "Get away from me!"
Honey Badger don't care! Honey Badger smacks the shit out of it!
And the snake comes back, and it lashes right out at the Honey Badger
Oh! Little does the Honey Badger know, FYI, it's been stuunngg!
Its been bitten! By the snaaake!
So while its eating the snake, EW- that's disgusting!
Meanwhile, the poisonous venom is seeping through the Honey Badger's body,
and it passes out. Look at that sleepy fuck!
Now the Honey Badger's just gonna pass out for a few minutes,
and then its gonna get right back up and start eating all over again
'cause its a hungry little bastard!
Look at this! Like nothing happened!
The Honey Badger gets right back up and continues eating the cobra!
How disgusting!
And of course, what does it have to eat for the next two weeks?
The Honey Badger.
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The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

13209 Folder Collection
Kristi Yang published on October 15, 2016    Colleen Jao translated    Kiara reviewed
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