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It's a Good Idea with Angela Oberer
Toastmasters International Tip #1009
Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer and today's good idea comes from Karla. She writes in and says:
I've been diagnosed with social anxiety. Every time I'm in public and have to talk to strangers
I get a panic attack. It started when my company asked me to explain a land proposal deal,
and even though I was prepared, I totally flubbed it up.
I am on Zanax and Paxil but it's so bad now that when the phone rings, I can't even answer it.
I have to listen to the message and then text back my response.
I can't do simple tasks anymore like picking
up my own dry cleaning without getting really stressed out and my heart racing. Please tell
me you have some simple and inexpensive good idea so I can get my life back on track.
Yes I do Karla, let's ask this question first: What is the worst thing that can happen from
your social anxiety? In my opinion it's that your social interaction comes to a grinding
halt. And sadly, that has already happened, so Good news, the worst part is already over.
Now the second thing I would recommend to get your life back on track and to move forward
is to join Toastmasters International. I first discovered Toastmasters in my early
twenties and I was a member for like twelve years. It's an international organization
that helps you overcome the fear of public speaking and it addresses everything from
hand gestures, to eye contact, to vocal variety, to vocalized pauses, things that we say like
um, ugh, things like that. Filler words. It helps you remove those from
your regular conversation. There are prepared speeches, that you prepare in front of a group
of very supportive people that when you are done speaking, instead of judging you, they
clap. They are like: \"Yay! Go Karla\" And you get really excited and encouraged
it's positive feedback. There's also a section called Table Topics. Where somebody will ask
a question, the Table Topics Master, and then they go \"Karla\" and you have to get up and
go answer that question on the fly. Again it's a group of supportive people that
are wanting you to be great. So you sit there, and you give your idea, and then when you
are done, they give you feedback and helpful ways you can improve that, but most of the
time they are clapping: \"Go Karla\". It's very supportive and most sales organizations
encourage their people to join Toastmasters. Most ministers join Toastmasters, Professional
Speakers join Toastmasters and it's great for everything from love, life, business,
dating, whatever. You will use those Toastmaster skills for everything you do for the rest
of your life. So Karla, get out of your shell, and go to
Toastmasters International, cause I promise you this, it will change your life, and it's a good idea.
It's a good idea.
It's a good idea..
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Join a Toastmasters Club - It's a Good Idea

340 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on September 26, 2016
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