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  • Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer. And today's good idea comes from TurboTax.

  • TurboTax has built in software called ItsDeductible. And it allows you to document your deductions

  • as you go. Now, I've got a friend who is getting married,

  • and she and her husband, or her would be husband, have both been married for a couple of times.

  • So they both have a house full of stuff, they've got two refrigerators, and two microwaves,

  • and two toasters, and two coffee makers, and five TV's and sixteen lamps, and four sets

  • of beds - and they are really just wanting to consolidate to one household.

  • And so while they are giving a whole bunch of their stuff away, the good idea for today

  • is from documenting your deductions. Now if you go to Goodwill, Goodwill will give

  • you receipts for all of the donations you make through the course of the year. If you

  • donate household stuff to Habitat for Humanity, they will also give you receipts for your stuff.

  • Now instead of just giving your stuff away,

  • and making that be your documentation, most of us have a smart phone. And if you will

  • just take a picture of the stuff you're donating, then at the end of the year when you go to

  • do your taxes, and even if you do ItsDeductible as you go through the course of the year,

  • I just burn mine to a DVD, and then I slide it inside the folder, that I'm going to be giving to

  • my accountant to do the taxes. So at the end of the year, anything that is

  • questionable that goes to ItsDeductible goes right there on a DVD, - and I've got pictures of everything

  • I've donated, to prove I donated it. So, ItsDeductible is a free piece of software,

  • it's an app that goes on your cell phone, or you can do it right on the computer, and

  • you can keep track of your deductions as you go.

  • So document your deductions whether you're just doing some spring housecleaning, or whether

  • you're like my friend and you're getting married, and your'e donating a whole house full of

  • stuff. 'Cause it does add up, and I'll tell you what,

  • documenting your donations is a good idea.

  • ha ha ha, it's a good idea.

Hi there, I'm Angela Oberer. And today's good idea comes from TurboTax.

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