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  • Hi, I’m David Baker. I’m the head of ads policy engineering at Google.

  • We have a vested interest in creating the least intrusive and best ad experience for

  • our users. That means showing you the right ads when you want them, and doing our best

  • to never show you ads that can be harmful. That’s why our ads engineering efforts are

  • so focussed on protecting the user.

  • This is a very difficult challenge given the number of ads online, and there are a lot

  • of malicious players. Weve dedicated tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of engineers

  • and policy experts to building systems and tools to detect violations of our policies.

  • And when we find a scam, we don’t just ban one ad, we ban the advertiser from ever working

  • with Google again. In 2011 out of the billions of ads that were submitted to us, we shut

  • down about 800,000 advertisers and more than 130 million ads for violating our policies.

  • But how do we find them?

  • Our first defense is automated systems that proactively catch scams by monitoring the

  • content of each ad and scanning the advertiser’s website before the ad is ever shown. When

  • we detect a threat, our systems automatically seeks out and find similar websites and scams,

  • immediately broadening our reach.

  • And quite often, our experts personally review complex or suspicious ads that our software

  • has flagged, but which needed a real person to make a decision.

  • Advertisers, users and other authorities can report scams directly to our policy department,

  • and well respond as quickly as possible.

  • Were committed to developing the best experience for our users and remain committed to earning

  • your invaluable trust.

Hi, I’m David Baker. I’m the head of ads policy engineering at Google.

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