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What's up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority
And what will happen if you put marshmallow in a vacuum?
Let's find out
So check this out, I got here a vacuum sealer with a little hand pump
to vacuum all the air out from this container
So I'm gonna open it up and put bunch of marshmallows in it
I'm gonna put only four marshmallows so we can see it better
Then I'm gonna grab the pump and pump out all the air
Look, you can already see how much bigger they are
Pretty awesome
Let's pump out some more air out
Check this out, look how huge these marshmallows are now
This is awesome.
Now, what we're gonna do is let all the air out and see what happens
Pretty awesome
Look at these marshmallows
They got smaller again
Let's see this one more time, I'm gonna let it out
All the oxygen
BOOM! Look at this
This is awesome.
Let me know what do you think, do you like this vacuum experiment?
Thumbs up if you did
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What Will Happen if You Put Marshmallow in a Vacuum?

689 Folder Collection
阿芹 published on September 25, 2016    Tina Huang translated    Evangeline reviewed
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