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  • Thinking on a master plan Yo

  • Are we doing are we filming?

  • When it comes in content I look it like when I'm geeked up about,

  • like what im exited about and what I've just learned so anything I just

  • learned so anythin i just learned I can't help but tell everybody

  • Yeah - So then what I do is I go to Google and I

  • started typing how to do whatever

  • the word is and I let it populate for me and I just look at like what everybody

  • else is talking about on what I need what myths do any dispel perhaps and

  • how do I wanna put my own stamp on this.

  • You know rather than just how wonder this is interesting to people you should

  • figure out if it is and for me personally my methodology is I would share when

  • I'm super excited about and sometimes that might not be what people asking for

  • Sure You know but it's what I'm excited about and

  • I think that's part o my happiness.

  • You know if I gave people everyone what they wanted I wouldn't still making fitness videos

  • everyday but I want to give people what they need

  • Yeah it's awesome

  • You know so it's a balance.

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  • Wow yeah! Video influencers!

  • it's not a big deal

  • dont drool on Sean

Thinking on a master plan Yo

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