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  • When you meet Marcus Holloway in the story, he’s a young hacker who is for the first

  • time having a sort of sense of community and family with other hackers.

  • Marcus is a programmer, self-taught, he’s passionate, he’s a fighter, his personality

  • is a lot of fun. I think he’s just fucking cool.

  • Marcus is somebody that was raised in Oakland. At the beginning of the game he hacks into

  • the system and you see he’s got a profile, right? All these labels are pushed upon him

  • because of where he’s from, his family’s history

  • The system has said: “this is who he is”, and he’s fighting against it.

  • Marcus is fighting against injustice, at its very essence, at the core of everything, and

  • he just wants everything to be fair. It’s about our loss of privacy, it’s about

  • our loss of control over our own life. It’s even worse than he thought it was and

  • because of this, he knows he needs more power behind him. And a way to do that is to find

  • a group of like-minded people with the same skill sets to work together to fight against

  • this system. Dedsec is a worldwide organization, but for

  • us, were dealing specifically with a cell that’s in San Francisco because Dedsec is

  • many voices. Marcus comes along because he’s looking

  • for the right group and what’s wonderful about Dedsec in San Francisco is the diversity.

  • Oh, by far Marcusclosest friend in the game is the Wrench.

  • Wrench is the resident engineer and also problem solver.

  • He’s the demolition man, you know, if you need anything blown up, or like, he’s gonna

  • go out and create some anarchy. He just likes getting into trouble, he wants

  • to get into a good fight. My character’s Sitara, she’s a rebel.

  • She’s playful, but she’s also very serious. She, she has purpose.

  • Sitara, she likes to do Graffiti, and all types of art work.

  • She’s the one responsible for creating all the visuals that Dedsec’s gonna use, so

  • it really becomes more memorable. She’s looking to change things through her

  • art, through her message. She wants to engage people mentally. And then we also have Joshua,

  • I think he’s very much our human connection. Josh is in the group, not very outspoken,

  • but when he does, he has something important to say, and often inappropriately so.

  • He’s the brain. He’s the coder. Anything tech-heavy, he’s gonna do it and figure

  • it out. This guy can hack through anything, he can

  • bypass any firewall. Theyre not trying to take down society.

  • Theyre good people who are trying to do something right, and trying to discover something,

  • and just curious. We see the evolution of the group itself throughout

  • the game. And it’s their sort of connection and journey together that drives the rest

  • of the game forward. I think that anybody can relate to the joy

  • that Marcus brings to the missions, and also the passion that he brings to it.

  • He still has fun, he represents the fun aspects of the hacker culture.

  • He does parkour, got drones, he’s driving with his phone, I wish I could do that.

  • People are really gonna relate to the fire underneath the engine when Marcus gets started

  • and he’s trying to finish something.

When you meet Marcus Holloway in the story, he’s a young hacker who is for the first

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