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When you meet Marcus Holloway in the story, he’s a young hacker who is for the first
time having a sort of sense of community and family with other hackers.
Marcus is a programmer, self-taught, he’s passionate, he’s a fighter, his personality
is a lot of fun. I think he’s just fucking cool.
Marcus is somebody that was raised in Oakland. At the beginning of the game he hacks into
the system and you see he’s got a profile, right? All these labels are pushed upon him
because of where he’s from, his family’s history…
The system has said: “this is who he is”, and he’s fighting against it.
Marcus is fighting against injustice, at its very essence, at the core of everything, and
he just wants everything to be fair. It’s about our loss of privacy, it’s about
our loss of control over our own life. It’s even worse than he thought it was and
because of this, he knows he needs more power behind him. And a way to do that is to find
a group of like-minded people with the same skill sets to work together to fight against
this system. Dedsec is a worldwide organization, but for
us, we’re dealing specifically with a cell that’s in San Francisco because Dedsec is
many voices. Marcus comes along because he’s looking
for the right group and what’s wonderful about Dedsec in San Francisco is the diversity.
Oh, by far Marcus’ closest friend in the game is the Wrench.
Wrench is the resident engineer and also problem solver.
He’s the demolition man, you know, if you need anything blown up, or like, he’s gonna
go out and create some anarchy. He just likes getting into trouble, he wants
to get into a good fight. My character’s Sitara, she’s a rebel.
She’s playful, but she’s also very serious. She, she has purpose.
Sitara, she likes to do Graffiti, and all types of art work.
She’s the one responsible for creating all the visuals that Dedsec’s gonna use, so
it really becomes more memorable. She’s looking to change things through her
art, through her message. She wants to engage people mentally. And then we also have Joshua,
I think he’s very much our human connection. Josh is in the group, not very outspoken,
but when he does, he has something important to say, and often inappropriately so.
He’s the brain. He’s the coder. Anything tech-heavy, he’s gonna do it and figure
it out. This guy can hack through anything, he can
bypass any firewall. They’re not trying to take down society.
They’re good people who are trying to do something right, and trying to discover something,
and just curious. We see the evolution of the group itself throughout
the game. And it’s their sort of connection and journey together that drives the rest
of the game forward. I think that anybody can relate to the joy
that Marcus brings to the missions, and also the passion that he brings to it.
He still has fun, he represents the fun aspects of the hacker culture.
He does parkour, got drones, he’s driving with his phone, I wish I could do that.
People are really gonna relate to the fire underneath the engine when Marcus gets started
and he’s trying to finish something.
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Watch Dogs 2 - Remote Access #1: Marcus & Dedsec

198 Folder Collection
哈維 published on September 24, 2016
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