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It says product of Thailand.
I think this is a Japanese treat.
That's why I've had them since I was a little kid, 'cause I'm Japanese.
But I thought they were Chinese because I've had them since I was a little kid.
Well you've been lied to your whole life.
Pocky! Love it!
I didn't know they were called either.
When you just said Pocky I was like--
How do you spell that again?
My mom was feeding me Pocky from the umbilical cord.
That's how long I've been eating Pocky for.
I just love Pocky as a snack because it's like, not too sweet and not messy.
And you could just (makes crunching noise).
Stick is truly the best shape for snack.
Variety is the spice of life, and today I'm excited to see what you have to throw at me.
But nothing will beat chocolate flavored Pocky.
Oh! Cookies and cream, oh shit!
Okay, this might beat chocolate.
I love cookies and cream ice cream.
It taste just like the cookies and cream Hershey bar.
Mhmm, Mhmm. But wrapped around a wooden stick.
It's very standard. This is a standard Pocky.
It's a Pocky plus my favorite flavor.
I think it's great.
Oh, they're nice.
I thought this was good as a novelty, but I would rather have normal Pocky.
Looks pretty though.
I can't finish the stick.
It doesn't really turn me on.
I'm glad it doesn't.
Ooh, it has a great, great scent.
Like it really does smell like green tea.
Looks like slime on a stick.
I love matcha.
Ooh, that is a strong matcha flavor.
Yeah, it's great.
That's perfect.
Does green tea have seaweed in it?
Yeah, this tastes a little grassy.
I like green tea better than the cookies and cream.
Yeah, ten pockys outta pockys.
Pocky is batting a hundred percent right now.
This is great.
That smells like a fresh grove of strawberries.
It smells like that gum that looks like tape.
This smells like the medicine you take when you're sick and you're a kid.
I'm so happy.
That's great.
I'm down for this one.
Yeah. I could eat these, too.
How often do you get to say, oh, I really just had a moment today.
And that's what this is giving me.
It tastes like dried strawberries and cereal.
Mhmm, I like it.
Stop it.
Chocolate banana, banana cream covered chocolate biscuit sticks.
- That's way too many. - You're a chocolate biscuit stick.
- Banana. - I love chocolate banana.
- Wow. - It's my favorite.
Look how yellow it is!
I would've liked it to be drizzled with chocolate like it is on the packet.
A fair point.
Where's the chocolate, this is banana.
Every time I have banana flavored things, I'm like, what a weird flavor.
Then I take another bite and I'm like, it draws me in .
This is probably the worst Pocky flavor of all existence.
I'm down for Pocky.
Shout out to all the kids that share their pockys on the school yard.
I like the original pocky the best, I think.
Matcha is hands down the best flavor of Pocky, but that's not surprising because matcha is the best flavor of anything.
True. This is true.
I think this was a great experience.
I enjoyed every single one of them.
I'd buy them all again.
They were all a delight.
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People Try Unusual Pocky Flavors

44337 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on March 31, 2017    Megan translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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