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Welcome to First FT here today's top stories.
A week-long ceasefire in Syria brokered by Washington and Moscow appears on the verge of collapse.
The US said it was reassessing the decision to cooperate with Russia after an airstrike thought to be by Syrian or Russian military aircrafts
hit air convoy and killed more than a dozen humanitarian workers.
Diplomats in New York are now meeting to see if the truce can be salvaged.
Police has captured the Afghan-born US citizen in connection with the weekend bombing in and around New York city.
Ahmad Khan Rahami, who lives in New Jersey, was detained after shoot-out.
Authorities are investigating whether he has any link to international terror groups
And the US government is to issue first formal guidelines for self-driving cars.
The new rules are focused on safety and included 15-point assessment for car makers.
So far, those technology'd been hampered by uncertainty and patchwork regulation
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Syrian ceasefire close to collapse, NY bombing suspect detained | FirstFT

102 Folder Collection
Kiara published on September 21, 2016    Kiara translated    reviewed
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