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All right everyone! It's time to continue with the green screen competition
We got a lot, we got so much fucking weird shit.
I forget to turn on my light, I guess the lighting's so good hey i dont need it
I look sparkly and shiny and beautiful and... Perfect complex skin anyway, thank you very...
But enough about me!
Let's keep watching the green screen competition submissions!
This is creepy man...
Well that's a tv show I wanna watch!
One pewds man
Alright, alright, alright
ONE PUUUUUU- *seizure*
*Someone call 911*
I want to have my own anime so bad.
*Epic music*
*Epic music*
Why America? Should be Sweden, man.
That's fucking good shit, man.
*Pewds barfs and then laughs*
*Dolphin laugh*
Get em, Malcolm!
Really, it just--
Thank you for everyone else submitting
But this one was clearly the best one
Jesus Christ.
"Hey, you! Fuck you! Don't like you!"
Pewdiepie meets Zoey
*Prepare to fight!*
JESUS. Thumbnail!
Is that Zoey from Left 4 Dead?
What the hell that doesn't even make any fucking sense.
*Goat has landed*
*claps* Take it back!
That was the winner!
"Oh, I love this"
"It feels hot" *Intense Harry Potter look then Hermione eye roll*
"Oh, you know what I'm gonna do with this..."
"...What I'm gonna do with this"
*Pewds laughs*
*sexual moans* *Pewds looking traumatised*
"Oh, momma!"
"It hurts a little bit" *Nose laugh*
"That's a little too hard"
To be fair, what was I expecting, honestly...
I don't know.
Oh, God. Attack on Titan.
Attack on Pewds!
Attack on P-AHUH
Dis gon be gud
Oh, no.
"I have landed"
"I'm so sorry, didn't mean anything bad"
"I will just--UHHG"
*wind splosions* *Pewds laughing as people die*
*More laughter*
So shit but so gu--so gud.
Filthy Frank with PewDiePie
What the fuck? *ranting in the background*
That looks legit, man
"Mah name and likeness, huh?!"
When the Big Boss-- "Someone's newsfeed..."
"Wait... that's my news"
"Fuck you, you just got pranked!" *Pewds laughing*
*sounds of gunfire and cast iron frying pans*
"Hey, you. Fuck you."
*fighting sound effects*
It's ya boy!
*echoes of "FOCK YOU" as Pewds WTFs*
"PewDiePie, you want war? You can have it!"
I mean, I'd pay to watch it.
Coming this never. Just like Kingdom Hearts 3, huh...
*Pewds bleeps and bloots* Ooh
"Feels nice and spicy"
What the fuck?
What the FUCK?
Oh, hello! I need to start watching Game of Thrones... (wait 'til he finds out they're twins)
*Cersei going "stop, stop"*
"I'm so sorry, didn't mean anything bad"
"I will just--" *gets pushed out window*
"Subscribe to PewDiePie"
*Jaime going "are you completely mad?"*
"How do you think I got this many subs?"
*Cersei "He saw us!" (no shit Cersei, kid's got eyes)
"He gave you this" Hey, another Matrix--yes
*Matrix and Pewds laughing*
Oh, nice lip-sync.
Oh, no! It's Dillon and Malcolm!
*Dramatic music*
I don't know who the third guy is...
*Malcolm: PewDiePie sucks!*
*too many voices to subtitle including Elrond murmurs*
Oh, whoa!
Dha ha ha!
*Pewds inhales*
*Dat Matrix music*
So good.
You know, it will have taken so long to superimpose all this shit, man
Oh, whoa!
Holy shiet!
Hey! A-ha ha ha
*Pewds being a fabulous rocket*
*Pewds applause* That was so good. That was so fucking good.
Thank you Lord-- George Lewd...cas?
"That's how you get number one on YouTube"
"Wanna see a magic trick?" *Pewds + Joffrey lovechild CONFIRME*
*Pewds WTFs*
*He WTFs again* *More ranting by Malcolm*
Oh my GOD that looks so good! What the hell!
Game of Subs...
That Edgar shot...
These are so creative, I love it.
It's so much fun to go through these
Nhu-Huh-Huh (look you try subtitling Pewds' laughing)
Oh my God...
*creep laughter and splosions*
This is so cool!
(Caption author notes: These are undertale sfx up until now)
*demented cat sounds*
*More Pewds laughter*
I hate them creams...
It's true, I hate creams. It's disgusting.
Now you know how to defeat me...
Just throw a Japanese cream mask in my face...
That sounds weird, but it's true
"Dear pewdiepie, this is your landlord"
"the reason why i really kicked you out
Is not because i'm a homophobic
It's because i loooove you,
and i hope you accept my.. [pewdiepie sucks in background] apology
*More Pewds orgasm*
*creeper Pewds* *static noises*
Apology accepted. What can I say...
You still kicked me out, though.
PewDiePie chases Markiplier
*Markiplier background enthusiasm*
*Pewds laughing*
*Bangs on door* "Pewdiepie!"
I want it to be longer!
Oh, no.
It's an MMD of Five Nights At Freddie's?
Oh, it's ma laser!
He makes such awesome MMDs
I like how you bros-- oh, shiet!
OOOH he's coming! He's coming!
"What is uuuppp, Drama Alert nation!"
"I'm your host, K-K-Killer--"
*dat static doe*
That's some good shit.
They say the worst jumpscare of all is Pewdiepie's ass.
*epic remix*
Holy shit the amount of editing that would go into this!
Oh yeah, so some of you flat out stole
Other people's submissions
Like, that's not cool. We, we know if you're pulling that shit.
You get banned for it, alright.
So, have fun.
*Lion King music to Lady and the Tramp. Ok*
*Pewds WTFs once more* *At least you're a lady, Pewds*
No... No!
No furry shit! *I take it back, you're no lady Pewds*
God. Stop. No!
God damn it.
Then the Lion King soundtrack in the back-- that's, yeah, that's...
Why would you think of this!?
*running noises* --- *engine noises*
*screams* *splosions*
*Pewds speechless for a full 14 seconds*
You don't win the competition.
Oh my God, K-drama!
I. Love. K-Drama!
*korean, probably saying stop.* ----*pewdiepie saying "do you like me like this?"
Yep, that was pretty--spretty... pretty slammin', man
"How's it going bros? This is PewDiePie...
vote trump..."
*Pewds laugh*
Oh, it's not even funny, but-- it's funny.
Great use of... uh...
3 seconds, I gotta say.
*Insanity repeats*
Yep. You did it. 3 seconds. That takes-- that takes talent, man.
"My name's PewDiePie!"
"What? What are you going to be doing?"
"You wanna see a magic trick?"
"Ok, I love a mystery. Go ahead and do what it is you do."
"I can fly."
Oh my God...
Fuck's sake.
*Pewds sounding like he giving birth*
*Pewds laugh*
"I have landed."
*Pewds struggling to breathe*
Oh, that was good. That was really good.
Pewdiepie versus Pewdiepie. Oh my Lord.
Is that the-- It's the Brighton Beach! Yeah, yeah yeah.
"How's it going bros, this is PewdiePie"
"Hey, you! Fuck you! Don't like you!"
"Prepare to fight!"
Eyyy... Oh! Oh! OH!
PewDiePie wins!
Oh, he's got a combo! He's got a com...
Round Two
*Pewds laugh*
Holy shit
That's so good!
Oh! Oh!
Oh, for fuck sake-- no, no. It was great until this point
With the amount of sh-- like, the footage that we gave was so shit
And then, they-- youtube.com/savethekiddies managed to do that, out of that
That's pretty fucking impressive, man
That was good. That was really good.
Holy shit
Oh, yeah!
Holy shit!
Oh, for fuck's sake
Dude, that was fucking awesome
A spicy meme, indeed
I loved every single one of these
So fun. Thank you so much for submitting to the green screen content... test
Next one will be... the meme contest.
Pewdiepie meme contest, it should be a fucking... clusterfuck, I'm sure.
Link to that is in the description.
Thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for submitting
And as always, bros, I know you will...
Stay awesome bros!
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1180 Folder Collection
潘琮霖 published on September 21, 2016
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