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As a sex therapist, we see clients with difficulties in sort of the full range of the sexual response.
By that, I mean I see a lot of people who are struggling with sexual desire.
Sometimes I see couples where there's a desire discrepancy where one partner is far more
interested in sex than the other. I also work with people who have difficulties with arousal,
which include problems obtaining or maintaining an erection, difficulty with lubrication as
a woman, and importantly, also, timing of orgasm. For some, that means difficulty having
an orgasm at all. For others it might be it doesn't feel like it's of their choosing.
So, it could be either too soon or it's delayed and the frustration of feeling like they can't
get enough stimulation or sensation. I also work with people who sometimes have vaginal
pain or discomfort.
There really is a whole range of clients, including those who just have questions about
their sexuality and how to experience more sexual pleasure in their bodies and with their
partners. Be open to reaching out to a sex therapist and asking them a question about
their level of training and whether or not it feels like it's a good fit. I can tell
you that they have had a lot of experience working with clients who have exactly the
kind of difficulties that you're having right now.
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Why Do People Get Sex Therapy? | Psychology of Sex

383 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on September 17, 2016
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