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  • So I think it's great that you have enough insight and intuition to realize that stress

  • and sex generally don't go well together. In fact, I do a lot of educating of my clients

  • about what I consider conditions for good sex, because most people somehow think it's

  • going to be automatic and spontaneous and, you know, you can count on it. Kind of like

  • the postman, you know? You can deliver in any kind of weather.

  • And the thing that you really need to realize is that we are absolutely affected by our

  • environment. So if you're under a lot of stress, which increases cortisol in your body, than

  • that constricted energy is absolutely going to impact not only your desire, but often

  • even your arousal for a sexual experience. It's also true other conditions are getting

  • enough sleep and, you know, having enough time where you're feeling connected and really

  • enjoying your partner so that you're in the mood for sex.

  • One of the biggest impacts stress has is that it kind of hijacks that general sense of desire

  • to have a partnered experience. You're just wanting to get some sleep, or maybe you're

  • just ravenously hungry. And you have to just make room to notice what are the drivers of

  • your experience. Because if it's not sexual interest or libido or wanting a pleasurable

  • partnered experience, I'm really suggesting you table it for now and focus on getting

  • what you need -- those conditions -- so that it won't be long before you're both having

  • an optimal experience.

So I think it's great that you have enough insight and intuition to realize that stress

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Stress & Sexual Function | Psychology of Sex

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    VoiceTube posted on 2016/09/17
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