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How much do you love these pancakes? - So much. - We are doing the most beautiful fluffy
American-style pancakes. And this gets me big brownie points, doesn't it? - Girls: Yeah.
And I have two little helpers today.
- What's your name? - Daisy. Poppy.
- And where do you come from? - You. You.
These are my little girls.
This is a regular as you can see teacup, that's your measurement, right?
If its a a bit smaller or bigger,
it doesn't matter because the milk and the flour will be the same measurement. So what I, want you to
do is just pour some flour
and fill that cup up that's self raising flour, so that's going to allow it to be fluffy
bubbly and spongy, and go about a centimeter thick. Just run your finger off like that.
There you go. Make it flat on top.
That's perfect! It couldn't have been more perfect, and now pour it in that bowl.
There you go, then do exactly the same with the milk, honey bunny.
So that's basically your measurement, a cup measurement.
There you go.
And then see if you can put it in there with out spilling it. Careful, careful.
Just put a pinch of salt there.
Okay and then one egg.
Yeah now Mrs. Whisker, can you whisk for me please? And do little movements
to start with and then big movements when it gets mixed up. And the nice thing is
is that basically you can spike the flavour so if you stop there, darling.
I'm juts going to grate in some pear core and all
and just stir that up for me sweet pea. I'm going to cut a little bit of butter off
pop that in the pan here.
And girls just do us three little piles in there,
there you love to see the sharing going on.
There you go, beautifully done!
You can almost see the bubbles come to the top
as soon as it looks kind of heavenly
and lovely like that.
Just get under there gently and just commit to it and go 1 2 3.
Tell me what kinds of flavours you can do? Raspberry,
blackberries, strawberries. Okay.
So there is the first one,
and you know literally three tablespoons
will be more than enough.
To get these girls going that's basically what you get a really
lovely sort of thick,
fluffy beautiful pancake. Put a nice bit of yoghurt on the back here. Just there
and then get some honey.
That's probably enough honey for you honey bunny.
That's your one, Missus
And there you go, a beautiful
easy, win win, every single time fluffy pancake. - Is that nice? - Yeah.
How nice? So nice.
- Who's the best dad int he world? - You. You.
- Why? - You make pancakes.
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How To Make One Cup Pancakes | Jamie Oliver

17803 Folder Collection
Jamie 榕 published on October 2, 2016    Jamie 榕 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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