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  • This section is mostly taken up with Hrothgar's gifts

  • to Beowulf, that he is giving to him tremendous

  • treasure, horses, and jewelry, and gold as appreciation for what Beowulf has done.

  • One of the interesting things to note here is what Hrothgar says about the

  • character of Grendel.

  • He says I never expected to be delivered from that creature.

  • And I think that this is something that shows us the heroism of Beowulf,

  • he comes in and he delivers somebody else, Hrothgar namely,

  • from the despair of ever being able to find salvation, or ever being able to be rid

  • of an evil like Grendel,

  • and consequently he is generous with his own live so that others may be

  • happy.

  • And again that's I think an image of what the hero is in the mind of the scop,

  • somebody who is generous so that other people can

  • prosper. The king then goes and gives gifts to

  • Beowulf and there's great feasting or rejoicing over the fact

  • that Grendel is dead and the symbol of Grendel's

  • defeat is the arm up in the rafters

  • and the scop, the poet, the bard,

  • is brought forth to sing a song to the people at dinner

  • that night and he sings the song of Finnsburg.

  • And that's this next section, is the section of the battle of Finnsburg. It's a

  • fragment of a much longer poem,

  • but we'll look at that in this next section.

This section is mostly taken up with Hrothgar's gifts

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