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I am in HEAVEN!
Ciao everyone, here it's Marchettino!
So, what does a 800$ ticket gets you?
Well, it gets you inside the Quail car show, which is more or less my idea of heaven!
The Quail is like one of the most important automotive events in the USA if not, in the world!
I mean, just look in the back,
you can see Koenigsegg and I'm just walking around and what's behind me, a McLaren F1!
This is just insane! I have never been in a automotive event like this, I am truly speechless and excited
to walk around this golf cours and be sorrounded by the most incredible cars in the world!
And guys, you gotta have a look at this Ferrari Enzo!
I believe, it's one of the most incredible Enzo in the world!
It's the only one finished with the full body with the carbon vibre that is actually visible, just incredible!
So, what else 800$ gets you? Well..
Inside the Quail show you can get for free all the fancy things that rich people like to enjoy like
a good Chardonnay, oysters, caviar and more stuff, which is pretty cool!
Probably one evening is not even enough to enjoy the event, the atmosphere and all the cars available,
there are the classic cars but also the newest ones, just look at the white cream LaFerrari behind me, I just love it!
The Miuras, the Miuras!
I don't even know how many are here at the Quail, I'm just sorrounded and it feels like to be in heaven, seriously!
We have even a world premiere here at the Quail, behind me the Lamborghini Centenario Roadster!
Wasn't a great fan when I saw it in Geneva with the full carbon fibre body
but I have to say with this configuration it's pretty sweet and the design really starts to grow on me.
Guys, the sun is setting down, I really had a epic time today at the Quail.
What an incredible event, I really had good fun to look at all those incredible cars on display.
As you can see
I'm basically the last one to leave!
Even though the day is coming to the end, I feel like I have missed lots of cars.
I think that one day is really not enough this event.
I hope you guys did enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more
and as always thanks for watching
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The Most Amazing Car Event EVER?

374 Folder Collection
Min Hong Huang published on September 12, 2016
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