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At the time there was a lot of optimism, music was changing, politics was changing, football
was changing. Everything just literally erupted.
It was a great generation. The young band Oasis just ruined the world.
It was just 6 young lads who were enjoying lives
In our eyes we were just playing get football with our means
I was Loving it We were lucky enough to play well together
and at the same time we're playing for the biggest club in the world
There was not one piece of Jealousy between any of us, we all had each each other's back
Its one of the funniest things you'll ever see
Greatest feeling in the whole wide world Those are special moments
I'm getting goosebumps You are massively aware of what you're representing
in the history I looked to the players that I've grown up
with on the pitch at that time, This was more special than anything that I've
been involved in for my whole life. You're playing for the biggest club in the
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Official Trailer- Class of 92

99 Folder Collection
Xin published on September 12, 2016
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