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  • Iyonada Monogatari - Train Ride through Shikoku

  • We're about to get on the Iyonada Monogatari train

  • From JR Matsuyama Station, that's where we are right now

  • We're just waiting for the train to arrive

  • It's pretty hot

  • Pretty sweaty

  • Looking forward to an air conditioned train

  • An air conditioned train - PLEASE BE AIR CONDITIONED

  • One way 2260 yen

  • I-yo-nada NADA is ocean?

  • It's kinda like ocean... we have Shimonada, Kaminada, Iyonada

  • Oh wow I didn't know that!

  • It plays a song when the train comes!

  • *cute train theme music*

  • Is it gonna come from this way, or is it gonna come from this way?

  • My bet's on this way

  • Yeah I think so

  • *more epic train theme music*

  • Yay~

  • Ah it's so cute!

  • Look at the little tables!

  • Where are we sitting?

  • All the way back

  • All the way in the back, oh one of the 4 person tables?

  • Oh that's so awesome!

  • Bye!!

  • Wow, that's like everyone

  • Bentos are available to order

  • So over there is Honshu right?

  • Yep Honshu's over there

  • The really cool thing about this train ride, is it will stop at several stations along the way

  • And you can get out and enjoy the amazing scenery!

  • Look at how beautiful this place is

  • This is so cute

  • Love Love Bench

  • Neat, they've got old photos on the wall inside the station

  • I wonder what year these are from

  • They don't have a year, that's too bad

  • Wow this is what it looks like at sunset!

  • Ahh that's so nice!

  • This station appeared in several shows

  • Do you know any?

  • Hi!!

  • That looks so nice! Look at that water, it's beautiful!

  • Hiii!

  • Jealous! I wanna go swimming!

  • Thank you!

  • Japanese countryside - enjoy!

  • Bye bye ocean - we're heading into the mountains now!

  • Are you guys ready for the cutest thing ever?

  • See that person waving with signs?

  • As you're travelling through Shikoku, the locals will welcome you

  • by waving, and preparing really cute signs for you!

  • It's so sweet

  • So cute!!

  • Dan dan means thank you!

  • Oh really?

  • In Iyoben, old Iyoben

  • Hiiiii

  • Are you guys ready for this? He's comin up! Here he comes!

  • Cute

  • He's so happy, he loves his job

  • That's a real picture

  • The real ones look scary

  • You can see the castle outside the window there, that's Ozu Castle

  • So cute! They're so excited about the train!

  • Awww look at the dogs!!

  • We're almost arriving at Yawatahama Station

  • Which means our train ride is almost over

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and the beautiful views of the Japanese countryside

  • I really really recommend taking a trip like this

  • Whether it be on a train, or renting a car and driving yourself through the countryside

  • If you ever come to Japan, you just need to see these views

  • It's really relaxing and I just had an amazing time

  • Thank you very much!

Iyonada Monogatari - Train Ride through Shikoku

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Train Ride through the Japanese Countryside | IYONADA MONOGATARI

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    Kana kawai posted on 2016/09/12
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