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bboys good day to remember that practice makes perfect so do not be discouraged if they take their time with some movement
just keep training and doing what they love Now let's start with the tutorial
divide the flares in 2 stages:
flares on front stage and back stage flares in
which each concentrate on three aspects to facilitate understanding
hands, hips, legs
check which is the address that puts out more
Once you know this, you should rest your hand correspodiente while sliding his leg as shown in the video
below you raise your other leg so
while you generate a move with the hips forward forming a semi circle
at the same time you exert force with your hand is in contact with the ground
right then the left leg (in my case) should follow the same movement of the hip (the semi circle)
moving all the force exerted on your hand held towards each other
avoid starting running his strong walk neither too high just enough to be able to execute the movement of the hip in an efficient and convenient way to avoid putting too much weight on his hand at the time of transfer his force exerted due to the height that takes.
remembered that, each said passage above should be executed simultaneously like a single movement
what is essential at this stage is to concentrate on the movements of the feet and the hip
which facilitate and always in a good way when you distribute the force exerted by your hand
These exercises will help you master this part of the movement due to the force must exercise
remember that the movement of the feet should be consistent with the hip movement helped with the strength of your arms
This isa the best way to understand what is the way you move your hips to gain speed in the flares
It is very important to synchronize each movement with your breath to keep power during execution
you must exalar in the front stage and the rear stage inalar this detail permitioaumentar me the flares of 7-14 repetitions
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The Best powermoves Tutorial - How To Flares -

138 Folder Collection
李家毅 published on September 9, 2016
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