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Hey people this week we are making the mother of all chocolate desserts
we're going to make a gold chocolate melting ball inspired by the YouTuber
bar and talbert
now this is an absolute showstopper and once you see this
you're going to want to make a promise. So let me show you what you need to get
started to kick things off we are going to start by tempering chocolate which is
basically the process of heating up
bring the temperature back down and that gives it that's beautiful shine and snap
which is exactly you want
so I've got my thermometer and we're going to watch this very closely until
it hits hundred and fourteen degrees Fahrenheit to keep your eyes on it and
keep staring
ok we r 1 14 and want to do is in the pour in the rest of my chocolate and
this is going to cool it back down immediately and we're going to cool it
down to 91 degrees Fahrenheit ok and then we're ready to pour into a ball so
keep mixing keep watching a thermometer and making sure all those little bits of
chocolate melt 92
we're nearly there 91 ok take your thermometer out and get your little ball
mold and we're going to pour this in ok
pouring into it's about a quarter of the way full
just saw that and then what you gonna do put the chocolate one side seal the lid
on this
ok pop the lid on that and now swirl it around
what you're doing here is your coating the entire ball with chocolate
so you don't have a half naked board you want your ball to be completely covered
in chocolate
ok so spin around just until all those gaps are covered in glorious tempered
so my ball is completely covered in chocolate and we're going to do now is
I'm going to put it into the fridge for an hour but what I want to do is in
return every two minutes for the first 15 minutes and that's going to make sure
there's an even layer of chocolate all around
so in the fridge it goes turning it every two minutes
so this has been the fridge for an hour 15 minutes and you can see this glaze
and shine on the chocolate ball and that means you have nailed your tempering
okay so well done to you
we're going to do now I'm going to gently melt the bottom of this swirling
it around until I make a hole that's big enough to cover a scoop of ice cream
swirling it around all the way until we get something is about that big
that's enough to cover ice cream and now we popped up back in the fridge for 5
minutes just to set up that melted chocolate
we'll be back i melted balls out of the fridge and we've got gold shimmer spray
we are going to make this look so fat see
okay i'm going to stand about a couple feet away
I'm just going to spray away and we're going to see how it looks ok so spraying
this look at this going around getting the underside as well so the final coat
of gold
put that in the fridge and then we can do on melting gold chocolate goodness
look at that fancy i have a scoop of my favorite vanilla ice cream here and
we're going to do is I'm atop this with a few berries on top with some hazelnuts
you can do whatever you want we're going to pop over our gold ball
okay so I'm gonna pick this up with a spatula and we're going to gently lace
this over the top of our ice cream
here we go I have got some really hot
toffee caramel source it smells delicious and we're going to pour this
over gold chocolate melting ball and it's going to be amazing
are you ready here we go
now we have our chocolate golden melting ball
you can see that ice cream raspberries hazelnuts
it all looks so delicious in that pool of caramel
you guys have got to try this one comment down below let me know what you
think and don't forget to subscribe to Topless Baker
the more baker goodness every week i'll catch you guys next week bye
and there we have it our chocolate golden melting molten there
no but it looks so good
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Gold Chocolate Melting Ball - Topless Baker

12892 Folder Collection
江竇 published on October 23, 2016    Dave Lee translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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