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Cassie, did you sleep in my bed again last night?
No I just came in here this morning to cuddle with you.
You have to promise never to leave me, I just got out of a serious relationship. I need
to get rid of things that remind me of Matthew.
That is a lot to ask for in return for pancakes.
They're blueberry pancakes.
I need to go shopping, what are you doing today.
No I will not go shopping with you.
Love it, yellow is so your colour, buy it let's go!
How's Cassie? And how'd she take it when you told her.
Told her what?
Isn't this your friend Mackenzie? Is she single?
That you decided to join the LPGA.
I have seen you poop! And you couldn't just tell me that you were gay.
I wasn't ready.
I've never kept anything from you. Did you think I was going to care?
You were dating Andrew!
The only reason that I dated him was because his dick was so small
that it was pretty much just a vagina!
Who texted you?
You've never mentioned her.
She plays soccer.
You hate sports.
I like girls who play sports.
It's like she never has time for me or us anymore. It's all about Elliot.
I can't believe he brought her.
Gimme this.
Has she even gotten her period yet? She looks 12.
Ew, what was that.
Peach Schnapps.
You are such a lesbian.
You two should be in each other's lives until one of you dies.
It's most likely gonna be Mackenzie from choking on some sort of food.
When I'm sixty years old and I'm still single, will you still love me?
Probably not.
Mackenzie are you watching lesbian porn?
Cause I told you that Bridget Jones's diaphragm is not the same movie.
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ALMOST ADULTS - Official Trailer (LGBT Movie)

4175 Folder Collection
莊可芊 published on September 8, 2016
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