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  • Hi my name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin Associates dot com. And today we are going

  • to talk about how to find jobs in office work. When I begin to think about office work, I

  • quickly decide that type of work in that area of work is some of the most important work

  • there is. Finding a job in an office is based on the skills that you have to be able to

  • be extremely professional. Someone who is a team player, who's takes the initiative

  • to what needs to be done. And to be able to be responsible for the work that's been given

  • to you. So how to find a job in an office would begin by looking and researching the

  • type of business that you might like to work in. You might like to work in a real estate

  • office or an insurance company. Or a high tech organization or a medical office. If

  • you can focus on the type of office that you'd like to work in, then you can look in the

  • newspaper online, you can look at a particular business online and look at under careers

  • to see what types of position they are looking to fill. Another way of finding a job in an

  • office is be able to go to temporary staffing services or a professional search firms. You

  • would never be charged the fee for finding the job, they would help you find a job in

  • an office that they have been contracted by the owner of the office, the manger of the

  • office to find someone to work in their office. So you can go to the internet and look at

  • placement services, employment agencies that are handling particular jobs that focus on

  • office work. And in every city there are search firms listed under employment agencies or

  • search firms that can help you to help find a job in that area. You would need to go to

  • their office and fill out an application. You would need to fill out that application

  • out entirely not say see resume. You would want to be prepared to take some assessments

  • and testing in their office. They are going to probably check your excel skills, your

  • processing skills, so I would be prepared for that. If you have a resume make sure you

  • take that resume and often times you can apply online to some of the temporary staffing services.

  • And as you begin to look at jobs don't rely on the search firm to find the job for you.

  • But list with them and then maybe work from a temporary standpoint where you can go temp

  • to hire in office work. The universities in your city or your area are always looking

  • for administrative assistants in office help. You may find that working in the mail room

  • or being in their IT department is still in the office. So whatever type of work that

  • you want to be able to focus on and working in the office, there is so much research out

  • there and so many websites and so many places where you can post your resume as well as

  • begin to aggressively look for companies that you would like to work for. I wish you luck

  • in finding a job in an office and that's how you do it. Thank you.

Hi my name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin Associates dot com. And today we are going

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