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  • [ Hoots ]

  • [ Guitar app playing ]

  • Sooner or later

  • So well acquainted

  • See this routine here looks a bit tainted

  • But now together

  • Never apart

  • Out in this open, our dream seems so fainted

  • Maybe with patience

  • Something in between

  • Sooner or later, my friend

  • Found us out here somewhere

  • Out in these stars

  • Maybe if we're quiet

  • We'll hear all our thoughts

  • How perfect if hearts align

  • Intentions will cross

  • Sooner or later

  • This moment in question

  • Brave but uncertain

  • Us together now

  • Never apart

  • Sooner or later, my friend

  • [ Sighs ]

  • You know, even though we're homeless, penniless,

  • cold, dirty, villainous fugitives from justice,

  • at least we have each other and our good little Craboo.

  • Panda: Guys, I've been thinking.

  • What if we're being selfish with Craboo?

  • I mean, it weren't for us,

  • he wouldn't be in this predicament in the first place.

  • Maybe we have been selfish.

  • [ Sighs ] Well, I guess we'll just have to

  • figure it out in the morning.

  • Oh, hey, pinecones are done. Who's hungry?

[ Hoots ]

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