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It’s amazing isn’t it, how quickly human beings can come into a room
and then completely ruin it
and wreck it and make it look like it’s been lived in by a family of ten for four years.
We’ve been here like four hours and already it’s just ridiculous.
But where are we and what are we doing and why is there an Australian girl over there?
What is she doing?
Good day mate!
That’s what they say isn’t it - Australians. Playing up to stereotypes there.
So this year an awesome new travel website called Odigo is generously sending myself
and several other vloggers in Japan around the country making videos,
with the aim of promoting the country and trying to promote people - such as you
to come and see it for yourself to come and experience Japan.
So for the next few weeks in March, I’ll be travelling around the northern prefectures
of Miyagi, Yamagata, Niigata and Fukushima, as well as mystical Sado Island in the sea of Japan
And I’ll be joined by fellow vloggers Kim Dao - who’s over there
and Chris Okano who’s downstairs somewhere in his Yoshi costume, scaring the locals.
He genuinely is, isn’t he? I’m not making this up, look here’s a picture.
We’ve been going for three days and I’ve already posted tons of photos to Instagram and twitter
so if you’re not already following on there, please do go and check them out.
There’s lots of cool stuff to see.
There’s also a brand weYouTube channel for Odigo where Chris has been posting a daily vlog of our trip.
And it’s a trip that’s already seen us receive free incredible cd’s
from a guy dressed as an idol girl outside Sendai station.
You’ve been in Sendai one hour and you’ve already got a free cd.
Oh my god.
You wouldn’t get that in Tokyo. A free CD
A Fox go to the toilet on Kim’s leg.
It peed on me.
Right there?
Right there.
And Chris and Kim do arguably the world’s worst British-English accent impersonations just that I’ve ever heard.
Because I love you British folks. You guys eat crackers and hams and chicken.
No King - you have a Prince though. Prince Henry. Prince Henry!
But our journey is taking us across mountain ranges, forest, city streets and even the sea of Japan.
So if you follow us on Instagram and on the Odigo’s Youtube channel, it’ll be like you’re there with us,
going along on the journey.
And as for my videos, they’ll be posted here on Abroad in Japan in the coming weeks.
But I’m really excited to be working with Odigo, because it is a really good travel website.
Probably the best travel website I’ve seen, for anyone planning a trip inside Japan.
The whole website is based around using a giant interactive map of Japan
enabling you to plan your trip and discover new places to visit along the way.
And perhaps best of all you can actually share your trip with other people,
so they can see see where you went, what you did and what route you took.
So for example, I’ve publicly shared a trip I did last year around Hiroshima and the ridiculous Rabbit Island.
So if you’re interested in doing that route, you can look at the example in the box below and see where I went and what I did.
But the website is very simple, all you have to do is type in the place you want to visit, or a city.
And then key locations will pop up and you can click on them and add them to your itinerary.
So it’s really quick and convenient.
And it just makes the whole experience of planning a trip quite easy and fun.
I do highly recommend checking it out to anybody who plans to travel around Japan - it’s completely free to use.
And it’s a really enjoyable dynamic way of discovering places to visit,
planning your route and documenting your journey along the way for other people to see.
So be sure to follow us along over the next few weeks .
-Are you excited Kim? -Yeah I’m excited.
There you go. She is very excited.
We’ll see you there. Thanks a lot guys and be sure to follow us all along.
Also I don’t know if I’ve hidden well, but I’m really really tired.
I don’t know where this energy has come from. Weird.
It also helps that Chris is not in the room. He would have been just a terrible, disturbing presence.
I hope he doesn’t watch these video.
Oh god he is, isn't he?
He is gonna watch it.
He’s going to kill me.
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Discovering Japan | The Ultimate Tool

3476 Folder Collection
Kana kawai published on September 7, 2016
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