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Oink, oink. Pig. [Snorts]
Hi. [Snorts]
Ronnie, pig. Ronnie, pig. I'm not a pig.
Sometimes I'm a pig. Today I'm going to teach you not 10,
but 11-watch it-pig expressions.
So, maybe
you have heard things like this on TV or in movies where somebody talks about a piggy bank,
and your brain goes: "Pig, yes. Bank, yes. What? Together?
There's a pig in the bank?
Oh, this is crazy." So, I'm going to teach you some crazy expressions about pigs.
[Snorts] Ready? 11 of them.
"Pig" and "Piggy", they're the same thing with a slight variation.
"Piggy" is more of a cute word that we use to talk about a pig. So children would probably
say: "piggy", or if you want to be cute, you can say: "piggy" instead of "pig".
Depends how cute you want to be.
So the first one, one of the... Probably the most common expression we use with "pig" is
"pig out".
Pig out. So, the pig's leaving? Not sure, here. So, "pig out" means you ate
so much. If you're going to use the past tense, we would say: "pigged out".
For example: "I went to a restaurant last night, and I ate so much food;
I pigged out. I ate everything,
and I'm really, really full."
Pigs eat anything and everything. Pigs eat a lot.
They even eat bacon.
Yeah, they're cannibals. So, pigs, if you pig out or pigged out, it means you
ate a lot of food. Delicious. So you can say, for example:
"I pigged out last night." or
"He pigged out last night.", "I'm going to pig out." Doesn't matter.
The next one. Oo, look at my hair, yeah. So, if you might notice that I have some crazy
hair today, these, the hair style that I have, these are called "pigtails".
I'm not sure why. Pigs definitely have tails, but the tails on pigs are spirally or curly, but
this hairstyle that I have is called a pigtail. Now, if my hair was at the back and tied at the back
like this, it would be a "ponytail".
I don't know why humans have to have hair that relate
to animals. We are a strange bunch. So, "pigtails" is a hairstyle
-hello, marker
-like this.
Next one-oh, my mom said this to me a lot-a "pig pen" or a "pig sty". Now,
a pig pen or a pig sty is the place where the pig lives.
Like all other animals in the world; cows,
horses, pigs - they don't have, like, vacuum cleaners, or maid service, or really anything,
and their place is really dirty. Cows, sheep, anything, any animal that lives in a barn
or in a farm, they're dirty. Chickens, pretty dirty, pretty smelly. A pig pen or a pig sty
means that your room or your place is really, really, really dirty. So,
if you're... Maybe somebody says:
"Wow, your room is like a pig pen." It means your room is really dirty.
You should clean it. Mm-hmm. Or don't. It's your choice.
Next one-oh, McDonalds-sometimes you get really, really, really bad food-
and it's actually called "pig slop",
because like I said before, pigs, they eat anything. So
"pig slop" refers to really, really terribly disgusting food
that looks really bad, too, actually.
So "pig slop" means bad food that you have to eat. Mm-hmm.
The next one, this is an adjective and it describes a person: "pig-headed".
Yeah, it's not really a person with a pig head; that's, again, strange.
"Pig-headed" means the person
is very, very, very stubborn or they will not change their mind.
So if somebody is pig-headed, they're not very easy to get along with.
Are you pig-headed?
I am. I'm ponytail-headed. I'm okay.
Next one-uh-oh, this is slang, oo, slang, yeah-you see this a lot in movies,
jokes about bacon happen a lot: "pig" is the slang term for a police officer.
So you will hear people calling police officers "pigs". [Snorts]
I'm not too sure why. They don't eat donuts.
Oh, they do eat donuts, that's why, I get it now. Okay, so
never, ever call a police officer a pig unless you would like to go to jail or get beaten down.
So if you're ever arrested by a nice, fancy police officer, never call them a pig.
It is slang that you can use with your friends, but never to their face.
You will be in some serious manure,
which means sheep poo, if you do this.
I've warned you: Don't use it in front of a police officer.
Next one: "piggy bank".
Do you have a piggy bank, or did you have a piggy bank when you
were a child? A "piggy bank" is a pig... Oh, Ronnie's got to draw.
Pig. Oh, pretty good. Oh, this is a good pig. Oh, perfect.
Good pig. So, a piggy bank is the figure of a pig,
and it has a slot at the top where you get to put all your money and save your money.
So, piggy banks are synonymous with saving money. Sometimes what happens is you save
up so much money,
but there's a problem because the piggy bank only has one hole,
so you have to smash the piggy bank and get your money out.
When I was a child, I had a piggy bank,
but the cool thing about my piggy bank is it had a hole at the bottom, so I didn't have
to smash it. I think I might still have my piggy bank.
If you would like to empty your
piggy bank and send some money to me
and www.engvid.com, we always accept your generous donations.
A couple piggies here and there, we're good. www.engvid.com, donation button, there's a heart.
Do it.
Do it now.
One really interesting thing, thanks to crazy English-and
hi, Nadia, this is for you-we
have something called a "piggy back".
Now, this is very strange. It's actually called a "piggy back ride" or
you might hear a "piggy back race". So, all different things conjure
in the mind, but a "piggy back ride" is basically someone jumps on your back, and you run with them.
Nothing to do with pigs. I'm not too sure. It'd be more like
"a person on my back race", but I guess just to be cool, we call it a "piggy back race".
Maybe you've had a piggy back race - someone jumps on your back and you got to run. Really fun.
Homework, do it.
This is an expression that we, as women-hi-usually say to men.
I've never been called... Never mind.
Most of the time, it's what women say to men. Now, if somebody calls you a pig
they don't think that you're actually an animal.
It means you're a pervert. "Pervert" means
you have said something sexual to the person that they do not like.
So if you make sexual comments or sexual advances to someone
and they don't like it, or you're being rude,
they will call you a pig. "You're a pig!" Okay?
This is a bad thing. So please, keep your comments to yourself.
It's not cool to be called a pig at all, in any case.
I was talking earlier about using the expression "piggy" to be cute.
Cute little piggy. So,
you can say something like this:
"I'm going to be a little piggy... and eat all of the pizza!"
This is related to "pig out". So you can say, just to warn people:
"I'm going to be a little piggy, and eat all the cake."
And this kind of gives you an excuse to eat
everything, because you say:
"I'm going to be a piggy", and it's cute, so eat all the
cake. Perfect. Try it. Okay?
And the last one: "little piggy". Now,
we can use it here: "I'm a little piggy, you're a little piggy", but when I was a child
-this is crazy-I had feet.
Do you have feet? I had two feet, and on my feet I had toes.
Not "foot fingers", they're called "toes". So, on my
feet, I have one, two, three, four, five... They don't look like that. I have five toes.
My mom and my dad used to sing a song, and it's called "Little Piggy".
This little piggy went to market (that's the big toe),
this little piggy stayed home,
this little piggy rented a DVD at Blockbuster,
this little piggy went to the mall,
and this little piggy had none.
No, I've done it wrong. Anyways,
Mom, can you hook me up with the "Little Piggy" song?
Anyways, the toes on children, we call "piggies".
This little piggy went to market,
this little piggy stayed home,
this little piggy had bread and butter,
this little piggy had none,
and this little piggy ran
wee, wee, wee, wee, wee, all the way home.
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11 PIG expressions in English: "pig out", "pig tails", "piggy back"...

1829 Folder Collection
HQQ published on September 7, 2016    Matilde Wu translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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