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Say hello to Zenbo.
This could be the world’s most affordable and lifelike robotic personal assistant.
Developed by Asus, Zenbo is about the size of a large vacuum cleaner with a LED display head.
Complete with a lifelike face."Claire, I have a reminder for you."
Zenbo is able to move independently and can even respond to voice commands.
If you want, you could even strike up a conversation with it.
The robotic PA has the usual functions including reminders, playing music and even making calls.
But the Taiwanese company sees Zenbo as much more of a companion.
Asus said it will be able to read stories to young children and even keep the elderly company.
Price tag for Zenbo will be a relatively affordable $599.
The only other comparable product on the market is from Japan – it’s called the Pepper robot,
but it costs more than $1700.
While consumers have been enjoying the company of computer assistants like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s new Assistant,
whether they want one following them around is another question.
Phil Han, CNBC, London.
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New 'affordable' robotic assistant

11527 Folder Collection
Zenn published on September 13, 2016    crystal translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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