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Trump Song
Trump! Trump!
He thinks he's running for president
Trump! Trump!
He's filed for bankruptcy four times
Trump! Trump!
His hair looks like a nest of birds
His face is as orange as his hair
He thinks climate change isn't real
and He thinks China invented it
He speaks out against immigrants
His twitter‘s like a parody account
Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!
Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!
Trump! Trump!
Hires extras to clap at press conferences
Trump! Trump!
Has flamewars with many celebrities
Trump! Trump!
Gave Twilight actors dating advice,
even though he's been married three times
Thinks vaccines link to autism
and light bulbs cause cancer
He called Rosie O' Donnell fat
he says he's taking down ISIS
He thinks he can run the entire country
But they won't let him run his casinos
Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!
He's rich
You're fired
Trumpety Trump!
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TRUMP SONG (lyrics)

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Steven published on September 6, 2016    Steven translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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