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I'm Thiago Soares. I am Marianela Nunez.
And we are both principal dancers with the Royal Ballet.
When I first arrived, I mean seriously, I did feel like,you know, the luckiest girl, not only to live in
this amazing city but also to join the Royal Ballet and
be part of the best company in the world.
My teacher back in Brazil introduced to me the Royal Ballet
and I decided to come here to do an audition.
I was very lucky that they, the company accepted me and it was amazing
kind of magical actually.
I was already a principal dancer when Thiago joined
so first day of that season I was waiting for the lift, the lift arrived, I go in and
I see Thiago standing there and I could so see that
see that he was the new Brazillian guy.
Thiago proposed to me here at the Royal Opera House. I thought, how am I going to surprise her?
I thought the only way to do it was during a show because that,
she's not going to expect that because I'm also performing.
So that's what I did. And I was so into the performance and he was so
romantic and saying the things,
and I didn't understand what was happening until
the little box opened and I was the happiest
girl on earth!
What we believe is really unique here in London
is that the city is so open to
people from all over the world, they are very welcome to
all the nations. We are so happy and lucky to be here.
We live in Highbury & Islington
We are like 5 minutes from Upper Street,
which we like very much and we go there a lot
because it is a great combination of you know nice pubs and nice
small shops and restaurants. That is all the flower shops and all the things you know,
the pretty things that she likes. When I first started going out with Thiago, he used to go
"I have a lunch break" I was like okay where are you? "I'm here in the National Gallery'' and it's
amazing for us that we come from our countries that wouldn't have
that access you know. There is free entrance, you can go there get inspiration and you can
get to see all this incredible work. This is why I love London so much.
Well, I mean there are so many places that if you're here for 24 hours
it would be quite hard to choose.
I mean there is so much to see. I would go maybe to put to Portobello Market in the morning,
have like, some breakfast there, walk around get some cool stuff and see some
you know
those kinds of jewelery, sorts of funky shops and those kind of things.
So if you come to London you definitely have to come to the Royal Opera House
to see the Royal Ballet and see us dance. Yeah absolutely you can watch an amazing show and have dinner at
the same time
so come and finish the day to watch the Royal Ballet, that would be a good day.
It's a must, absolutely.
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The London Story - Royal Opera House

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Una Li published on September 5, 2016    Una Li translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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