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  • Excuse me, is the next train on this platform stopping at area 51?

  • Whah! Get out of my head!

  • Excuse me, is there a train that goes from this station to area 51?

  • Yeah sure! Track two in ten minutes!

  • That's great! Can I bring my crahsed UFO as extra luggage?

  • If it's not bigger than two meters wide

  • Oh, I'll leave it where it is then...

  • Dude! Nice outfit! You're also in today's animation team?

  • Animation is not amoung my subroutines. Now get out of my way or you will be terminated!

  • OH crap, he's the real deal!

  • Oh crap, he's the real deal!

  • No, I'm just kidding with you! Let's get some coffee overhere!

  • I heard you can buy pizza here?

  • Yeah, upstairs is a nice pizza restaurant with the best pizzas in town!

  • So this is the pizza place?

  • Yes, welcome!

  • I'd like to order a pizza Margherita to take away please

  • Marco, make him a pizza Margherita to take away

  • Yes, sir.

  • Anytime now! I have a gut feeling about a major fire starting here!

  • Brought my fire extinguisher, don't worry Frank, you're gonna be just fine!

  • Hey! Get down from there, that's for authorized people only!

  • You do not understand, the future of this station is at stake!

  • I don't give a darn!

  • Get down right now or else!

  • You shall not catch me!

  • ... and I dind't like that very much, so I asked my cousin

  • are you sure this is the right tree? And he...

  • Could you please shut up for a while??

  • Oh, I'm sorry! Well you know, in the forrest I didn't get to speak to a lot of people.

  • Anyway,I asked my cousin about...

Excuse me, is the next train on this platform stopping at area 51?

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