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I have a confession to make. Well I am a shopaholic. I love shopping. I am crazy for shopping.
Are you also crazy for shopping?
Hi everyone I am Niharika and welcome back. We all love
shopping, don't we? Especially for clothes. Now in this lesson today we are gonna look
at some different types of stores where you can go shop for clothes and also we are gonna
look at some questions that we usually tend to ask to a sales person. So let's get started.
The very first one that I have for you here is, A shopping center or it's also called
as a shopping mall. So it's a large building and there are different types of stores in
a mall or a shopping center. So it's a large building with lots of different
stores, where you can go and you have various choices of stores that you can go shopping.
Then we also have a boutique. Now boutique is a small shop and usually it’s expensive.
It's expensive because the clothes that are available in a boutique are usually designer
labelled clothes, so of course designer clothes, Wow! They look amazing and they are expensive.
So boutique is a small shop that sells designer clothing.
Let's have a look at another type of store, which is a Chain store. Well, chain store
is a retail store that have different branch, so like for example, Zara, Mango. H&M. Well
these all are retail stores that sell clothes. Clothes for children, clothes for men, clothes
for women. Of course women yes that's like the most important thing. Right? So that's
a chain store for you.
And then you have a Factory outlet and a factory outlet is where clothes are not very expensive
and they directly come to the shop from the factory. So factory outlets are not expensive
clothes and usually they are you know on trial basis. So like for example, if the factory
or the company has come up with a new style and they won't just see what's the response
like, Then they tend to sell it at the factory outlet. So factory outlet is where you get
cheap clothes directly from the factory.
And then the last type of store, where you can go buy clothes is Department store. Now
department store is again a large, huge store like for example, We have More, we have Wal-Mart.
These are all department stores, where you get lot of things. It's not just clothes but
you also get groceries, you also get different types of kitchen utensils and there's like
everything under one roof. So department store is again, where you can buy clothes from,
they're not very expensive. But yes you have variety of clothing available for children,
for women and for men. So that's a department store for you.
And now let’s have a look at some questions that you would usually end up asking to a
sales person. So here's the set of questions that you would end up asking when you go out
shopping. So the very first thing is, When you walk in to a store usually the sales people
would come up to you and say, How may I help you today? Now If you don't need any help
then you just gonna keep it simple by saying, Oh I'm just looking around. That's about it,
I'm just looking around. Now If you do need their help then you are gonna start with,
I'm looking for a blue shirt, so probably you are looking for something specifically
and you're not able to find it at the store, so you're gonna ask for help. So you gonna
say, I'm looking for a blue shirt. Can you help me with it please? That's the first thing
that you're gonna do. And then probably the sales person showed you, where the blue shirts
are and now you need to make a choice. And you really liked this blue shirt and you think
that you would not fit into it, probably it’s the large size and It's gonna be a little
lose for you. So you would end up asking for a medium size. Probably you wear medium sized
clothes, so you're gonna say, Do you have this in medium size? So there are different
types of sizes available in the market. You have extra small for very skinny people. Then
you have small and then you have medium, you have large, you have extra-large and you have
double XL. So these are the different sizes available, when you end up buying clothes
especially shirts. Do you have this in medium size?
Another one. Now probably the sales person helped you with a medium size blue shirt.
What's the next thing that you gonna do? You would like to see if it fits you well, so
you are gonna ask, Can you tell me, where the trial room is? In different countries
the trial room has different words like, we have changing room, we have dressing room,
we have fitting rooms. So can you tell me, where the trial room is? So somebody assisted
you, okay the trial room is on your left. Then you go ahead and try on this shirt. Now
you tried it on and you're really happy. It looks nice on you, but probably It’s a little
lose not very lose. But It’s just a little lose, so you would like to fit into the shirt
well. The next question that you can ask is, Do you have alteration services? So probably
since It’s a little lose and you wanna tighten it up a little, so you can ask, Do you have
alteration services. So if the store has alteration services they will provide you, they will
help you with it and If they don't then you gotta figure it out.
But the next question. Now you like the shirt. You like the colour. Now probably they do
have alteration services, so you're really happy buying this shirt. What comes next?
How much is it for? So you usually there is no price tag on the shirt, you don't know
how much is the cost of the shirt. Then you can ask, How much is the shirt for? Is it
on sale? We love buying clothes, which are on sale. Yeah we save money, Don't we? So
you're gonna ask is it on sale? Or is this the sale price. Two different questions, you
can either ask, Is it on sale? Or you can ask, Is this the sale price? Probably the
person quoted you a price and you wanna make sure, whether it’s just regular price or
whether It’s a sale price. So the person said, the sales person said that the shirt
is for ten dollars. Now you would like to wait for the sale. Maybe this shirt is not
on sale and you would like to buy clothes during the sale period. So you gonna ask,
Will you be having a sale soon? You wanna know that when is the sale starting? When
are they coming up with their sale period? So you're gonna ask, Will you be having a
sale soon?
And then the last question is Maybe the person mentioned that the sale will be in the month
of October and you're pretty happy with the answer and now you would like to see, When
are they gonna have the new collection on? So we have different types of collection,
like for different seasons, we have like spring collection, we have winter collection, we
have summer collection. And you would like to wait to see the new collection.
So the very common question that you tend to ask, when you want to see new variety,
new styles. Then you gonna say, when will you start selling your new collection? That
is a perfect question to ask especially, when you want to wait to see, what's coming next?
Or you can ask, When will you start selling your spring collection, your winter collection,
your summer collection? And so on.
So these are the most common questions that you would end up asking. Please use them,
because many people just don't end up shopping, because they are a little nervous or afraid
to ask these question. So go ahead use them and hope you find it useful. I'll be back
with a new lesson soon. Till then you take care.
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English Lesson - Shopping for Clothes ( Improve your English communication)

2836 Folder Collection
published on September 1, 2016
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