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  • >>Hilah: Hey look! Here’s a mango. Do you know one things that’s cool about mangos

  • is that they evolved like thousands of years ago to feed like humongous animals that are

  • no longer in existence. Theyre extinct, not extant. I’m going to show you how to

  • cut this up around the giant pit that used to get crunched up by big mammoth molars.

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  • >>Hilah: Okay, so here’s our friendly little friend the mango, so the deal is there’s

  • this giant kind of flattened pit in here that takes up approximately like the middle third

  • of the fruit, so you just kind of like estimate about a third of the way in. . . .bloop! and

  • choke off that little mango cheek. See the big mango cheek, and then what do you do with

  • this part because the skin tastes gross. I don’t want to eat it like that. This is

  • how you do it. You very, very carefully not cut all the way through the skin like I just

  • did a little bit. I almost cut myself. Yikes! Don’t do that! Okay, so just kind of gently

  • cutting into the flesh and like, little scoring it like that, and then you pop it inside out.

  • Look how adorable that is, and if you wanted to you could probably turn that into a little

  • mango porcupine thing for a baby or something. Okay, so then you cut off the little chunkies

  • that are sticking up, just like so, and totally perfect little cubes and/or pyramids of mango.

  • See, ha! Look at that! Adorable! Oh wait! But what about this part? I got so distracted

  • with the cute little chunks I almost forgot. So, I like to just kind of peel it off like

  • this and um, when I was a kid my mom would just like give us this thing to like chew

  • on, and we would fight about who got to chew on it more, so you could do that, you could

  • totally just give it to a child to chew on, or you can peel it like that and kind of cut

  • into it at an angle to get all the last little bits of mango flesh. It’s not going to be

  • adorable cubes. It’s definitely going to be delicious flesh like that. Yay!

  • [music]

>>Hilah: Hey look! Here’s a mango. Do you know one things that’s cool about mangos

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How To Cut Up a Mango, Dangerously! (Learn To Cook)

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