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  • Hello.

  • I've gathered you here, because I

  • have an important announcement.

  • This is the opposite of "The Simpsons."

  • It's been a great run.

  • Just kidding!

  • "The Simpsons" will never end!

  • Now I've told you two lies.

  • And to prove that we're live, on "Saturday Night Live"

  • last night, Drake was terrible.

  • Now to take your calls.

  • Let's go to Hannah.

  • Hannah, you're talking to Homer.

  • HANNAH (ON PHONE): Hi there, Homer.

  • My quest--

  • Yes.

  • HANNAH (ON PHONE): My question for you is, who you like

  • more, Lenny or Carl, and why?

  • Let's see.

  • I like Lenny, because he's the black guy.

  • And-- wait a minute, no.

  • Carl's the-- wait, let me get back to you

  • when I figure out who's who.

  • Let's go to the next question.

  • Amanda?

  • AMANDA (ON PHONE): I was wondering if you can give me

  • any tips or tricks for making it look like I'm hard at work

  • but really am relaxing or taking a nap.

  • Always wear glasses with our eyes glued on to them.

  • Next question.

  • George, I think.

  • Hello, George.

  • Shoot.

  • GEORGE (ON PHONE): Hello, Homer.

  • What's your question?

  • GEORGE (ON PHONE): So my question is pizza related.

  • Do you prefer--

  • Pizza.

  • GEORGE (ON PHONE): --Chicago deep dish or New York style?

  • Let's see.

  • I prefer Chicago deep dish, because I like Italian better

  • than Chinese.

  • And now let's go to a planted call with a planted question.

  • Let's go to-- hello, Joel.

  • JOEL (ON PHONE): Homer, how are you doing?

  • I'm doing all right.

  • Is that your question?

  • JOEL (ON PHONE): I was wondering, what kind of car

  • do you drive?

  • A Sa-- oh, uh, I drive a hybrid, which is a combination

  • of old and terrible.

  • Next caller.

  • Chris.

  • Yes, Chris, what's your question or comment?

  • CHRIS (ON PHONE): My question is, what's your favorite job?

  • What was your favorite job?

  • My favorite job would have been being

  • an astronaut, because everything was done for me.

  • And also, I could get away from the boy.

  • Well, that's it.

  • That's it, ladies and gentlemen.

  • We've come to my closing remarks.

  • It only lasted three minutes, like eating

  • cheeseburgers and making love.

  • If your call hasn't been taken yet, please continue to hold.

  • The cast of "Empire" will be answering

  • questions Wednesday night.

  • Someone would let them know.

  • Flashing by are all the credits of the people who

  • worked long and hard on this.

  • I have no idea who they are, and now the show is over.

  • The spotlight dims.

  • The laughter fades.

  • Someone call Uber.

  • And if Bart would just return my pants so

  • I can move from behind this desk.

  • Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo.

  • Waiting on the pants.

  • Oh, Bart, not culottes.

  • No.


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