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- What's up guys?
David here and today we have a very special speed test
that involves a little bit of sibling rivalry
between the Snapdragon and Exynos variants
of the Galaxy S7.
But before we get to racing,
I want to give a quick shout out to Norton,
the go-to source for internet security software
who recently released part two of their documentary series,
The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet.
This latest episode covers what are called cyber bunkers,
where organizations can safely
host and store their sensitive data.
Like many documentaries of this type,
there are plenty of heated moments.
For example, when the journalist gets cussed out
by a company that doesn't want to be videotaped.
It's actually a pretty intense documentary
so if you're interested in cyber security,
you own a phone or you use the internet,
this may be a documentary worth checking out,
which will be linked for you down below in the description.
Alright, let's get to the speed test.
So you guys know the drill.
We'll get this thing going by starting
the stopwatches on each phone and then jumping to the
first row of system apps.
On your left, you have the quad core Snapdragon 820 S7
and on your right, you have the octa core Exynos 8890 S7,
which has quickly pulled ahead in this first lap
with it already finishing up with Angry Birds
and starting to work on Asphalt 8.
But we're not even half way through this first lap
so there is still plenty of time
for both variants to show off what they can do.
And really, it's this first lap that I'm
most interested in seeing as a phone's processor
can make a significant difference during the
initial loading of an application.
So we're really getting to see which processor
is faster with this type of usage
and so far, it looks like the Exynos is edging out
the Snapdragon with it being almost a full app ahead.
We're finishing up Photoshop Mix
and heading into Lapse It,
where each phone will create a time lapse
from the same exact video file.
So this could be where the Snapdragon 820
makes up some ground on the Exynos.
Now at this point, it is worth noting
that while the phones are almost identical
outside of their processors from a hardware perspective,
there are also some differences in software
as the Snapdragon variant being tested here is from AT&T,
which has the bad habit
of putting bloatware on their phones.
However, we did disable all the AT&T apps
we were able to beforehand
so in theory the software shouldn't make
too much of a difference.
After finishing up Spotify,
the Exynos variant of the S7 moves on to the
last leg of this first lap,
loading up both the mobile and the desktop
versions of the Amazon website.
And there you go, it finishes the first lap
with a time of one minute and 27 seconds,
which is almost a good 10 seconds faster
than the Snapdragon variant's time
of one minute and 36 seconds.
And the Exynos version looks to keep its lead
with it actually keeping at least most of these games
open up in the background,
which the Snapdragon variant does not.
So an unexpected turn of events
with the Exynos version just breezing through
this second lap while the Snapdragon variant
is having the same old issues we've seen
other Samsung phones have in the past,
struggling to keep all the apps open in the background,
despite having the same amount of visible RAM.
So the Exynos variant finishes the race with
a total time of two minutes and three seconds,
while the Snapdragon variant is still stuck
on the gaming row so we'll go ahead and fast forward it
to the finish line where nearly 40 seconds later
it logs a total time of two minutes and 41 seconds.
Okay, so very interesting results.
The Exynos variant did better
than the Snapdragon variant in that first lap,
which is kinda something I expected.
But what surprised me was that the Exynos variant
also did better in the multitasking lap,
which I didn't expect since both phones
have the same amount of RAM
and supposedly run on the same software.
But either way, the Exynos variant
is definitely the faster of the two
so it'll be interesting to see how it does
against the iPhone 6S Plus and other phones down the line.
So enable those channel notifications
so you don't miss out on any of our upcoming speed tests.
Alright guys, that is it for me in this video.
Thank you for watching and, as always,
I'll see you in the very next episode.
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Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon) vs. Galaxy S7 (Exynos) Speed Test

152 Folder Collection
Brian published on August 26, 2016
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