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Three, two, one, none;
I’ve come to make my debut
Just watch, I am determined and in clear view
The thrills I bring, with beauty and grace,
Secure my throne when I'm in first place
The gentle words that I whisper into your ear,
The way I play coy,
I don’t do it for show
To guard the ones that I love and those who are weak,
My heart has to be colder than stone,
Stronger than anything—but
Just who am I? Can you answer?
If these are the things you want to know,
Then love just might be blooming
Knowing that the secrets I hide
Deep within me wait for you, will you
Take your sword? Heed your call?
Just how will you play this SOLDIER GAME?
I'll keep you guessing until we meet again....
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【歌ってみた】soldier game【gachi michi】(short English cover) (lyrics)

663 Folder Collection
Summer Liao published on August 25, 2016
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