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  • Minecraft Xbox One Edition Battle Mode DLC Update Gameplay

  • yeah

  • hey everyone Corey is crazy and finally i'm playing the minecraft xbox one

  • edition battle mode update now this is a brilliant i'm gonna be doing tons of

  • minecraft because i miss playing this game

  • go away cause she go away GTA and let's get on with minecraft so that mode would

  • you do so as you can see right now and how I got all those items that quickly

  • what you do is you open the chest get all the items and run away tonight is

  • i'm invincible for about one second until I have to disappear it now what

  • you gonna do is you're in this kind of like big room around this map will do is

  • go upstairs and look around for some chest now inside his chest w sword to be

  • bows arrows armor spades

  • all kinds of different stuff that you'll find in check now what you do is pick

  • them up put all your our morning find your swords and then once you've got

  • enough are mine you're happy to go fight

  • go find someone and go kill them when you kill them you get their stuff which

  • is simple and then their debt now when they die they get turned into a bud and

  • they get to spectate you they can fly around them out in like free roam or

  • they can press a and they can actually go on to you and what you in first

  • person which is pretty cool

  • you could probably hear his game one day about no one wants to cheat on minecraft

  • is my craft is brilliant

  • now there are lots of different worlds you have to buy some packs there is a

  • like a really cool dragon world which i believe was like to pound 49 might have

  • to go by that tomorrow and check it out so if you guys want to see that world

  • please let me know in the comments section i am currently in to be playing

  • Minecraft on X was one I definitely will be playing on PC and hopefully i'll get

  • it on peaceful shortly

  • forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more of the minecraft

  • video is going to be doing

  • did get called a delight and then no wait guessing I'm eighteen thousand

  • seven hundred subscribers if Christian 19,000 buying this week on it will be

  • also

  • and if you'd like to add my gamertag should be on the screen right now and i

  • shall see you guys in my next

  • minecraft is one video bye

  • yeah

  • yeah

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Battle Mode DLC Update Gameplay

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