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Woah L.A.! What's it done to us?
All black e'erthang.
All black e'erthang, champagne diet. What do I look like?
Ok, hi guys! My name's Shannon and this...is my beautiful girlfriend Cammie!
You know what, I should do the intro again 'cause really it should be...
Hi guys! My name's Lil Bev.
Oh my god.
And who am I then?
My girlfriend Cammie...
So, if you don't know... I am a retired rapper.
But I don't know if I would say retired 'cause you know, you never know if that might come back.
Can you come back out of-, yeah, you can come back out of retirement.
Yeah, oh yeah. That's happened in so many instances.
In high school, a group of friends and I had this rap group we came up with.
It was called "The Seven Bad Sistas".
And we had two singles.
One called "Down in the Ground".
The other one was a prom song.
Recently, I was inspired to go find those songs because I wrote a rap on an airplane with Cammie.
You know, I didn't know she had these skills. I was shocked. I thought after three years I knew you.
And this was a whole different side.
I'm really just a mystery.
I'm an enigma.
Is that why you're wearing black today?
I look over and she's on Garage Band like... *sound effects*
And then, this happened...
*Music Plays*
Oh, that beat!
You're gonna rap live?
Too much pressure.
"My name is Shannon set fire like a cannon."
"I'm also my weapon."
"Don't lit me up."
"Don't let me breath."
"Just f*king go with it."
I forget my own words.
"Did you hear that man?"
It's like, "What the heck?"
"See ya later."
"Almost landed in LAX."
*Music Ends*
So Cammie...
Very impressed.
Cammie loved it, and it inspired me to go find our old songs from "Seven Bad Sistas".
Which I-I tracked down.
and now for the first time ever the internet will hear
And myself.
I've never heard the track. I've heard Shannon rap her verse a couple of times.
I haven't heard this song in 5 years.
I literally have not like had the copy of it, so this is a reaction video honestly from the both of us.
*Music Plays*
Sounds like Teletubbies.
"Oh my gosh! Did you hear what they said?"
"Yeah, they're gonna get it."
"They're going down."
"Down in the ground."
Who's going down?
I said down.
'Bout to be a girl fight.
"...go down."
"I'm all smiles, you're all frowns."
That auto tune!
This is like, "It's Friday!"
"I'm sick, check out my super highlight... "
You remember it!
That's not me though.
"We Bad Sistas, the baddest around."
You guys aren't bad!
You're not bad!
"Down in the ground, down-down in the ground!"
"Down in the ground, down-down in the ground!"
What words are you...?
"Down in the ground!"
I'm one of the downs-
That was you!
No, It wasn't!
"It's [slider boys?] are my fav."
"Don't crowd me, I will behave."
"... I'm the only chick you need."
"I'm fly up high, and never come down."
Oo, "never come down."
"I work and go to school."
You guys are bad!
You work and go to school.
This is me!
"I got speed, think I'm running down a slope."
"I''m a braniac check my SATs."
That does not sound like you.
" No girl in this game can run it like me."
"Check my hair and my curves."
"I'm the only beverage, that can't be served."
"Lil Bev, always on the track."
"L.O.V.E., also known as JMac."
That's my ex-boyfriend!
"The boys say, 'I got a donk!'"
"Give me a honk!"
*repeats* "Give me a honk!'
"...let them hate."
"We Bad Sistas, We Bad Sistas."
"We Bad Sistas..."
You guys are so bad.
"We Bad Sistas!"
*Music Ends*
Shit! We were so legit!
You were bad 'cause you guys went to school and worked.
I forgot how good it is.
Tell me you did not love that!
That was so funny.
Probably not to be my first word choice.
That was so funny!
Oh my god, that is so funny, I forgot!
"Seven Bad Sistas."
I forgot my line and it's just me talking about my ex-boyfriend.
I always forgot what the end of that song was.
I know.
Now it makes sense.
"Lil Bev, and you know I'm dope."
That needs no explanation.
"I've got speed, think I'm running down a slope."
Oh! 'Cause you're going so fast, you'd have to be running down a slope- ok, ok.
I got it.
"I'm a braniac, check my SAT."
'Cause you're smart. ok.
'Cause I got a good SAT score.
"No one in this game, can run it like me."
Is it "No other chick?"
What does it say?
"No one in this game can run it like me."
I don't know actually.
*Music Plays*
"No girl in this game can run it like me."
"No girl-"
"No girl in this game can run it like me."
It's kind of- my lines are dope.
"Check out my hair, and my curves."
But I think it may supposed to be, "and my curls."
No, it says "curves", it a hundred percent says "curves."
Shannon Beveridge-
Do not diss on my curves!
Shannon Beveridge age 23, does not have curves.
Shannon Beveridge age 16?
Definitely, didn't have curves!
Did you know me when I was 16?
Maybe I had them and they left.
That's not-
A-yeah, ahmm.
The curves of your hair...
Maybe the line should've been, "check my hair, and my curls."
But, it's not.
So, "I'm the the only beverage, that can't be served!"
That's a mic drop moment.
That's a mic drop moment.
The build-up to the end is,
"Lil Bev always on the track."
That's so smart.
She, like, did track.
I ran track, and I- it was a song.
That was pretty clever.
It was pretty good.
I'm giving you a little props.
You know you didn't write it.
But what's so funny about this song, is that we're 16 years old.
I had a boyfriend at the time.
He wrote all the words to this song.
Oh my god!
He put that in there!?
He wrote that and he made the music for us.
But, props to him.
He's like, "I'm just gonna throw in a little of myself."
Yeah, but I have to give him props for doing this.
'Cause I can't- we can't- I can't take credit the-
I can't take full credit.
Would you want to take the credit for it?
No, but-
I'm just saying.
It's so funny, it's so funny.
It makes it even funnier now.
What does that even mean?
Like, "LOVE, also known as-"
Like, you're love is also-
"L.O.V.E., also known as-"
Yeah, my love is JMac.
So, I'm just gonna have to change those lyrics up.
So, "L.O.V.E., also known as-" whatever you want your rap name to be.
Oh, what happened to you guys?
We feel apart, we crumbled, we all went to college.
That's so sad.
So, I was just so inspired by Shannon's skills.
And, you know, I've always wanted to like, try a few, drop a few-
You're gonna lay down a little line on the track?
You know, I just, I feel like it's inside of me.
And I've been waiting for the right moment to let it out.
So, we decided if you guys enjoyed hearing Shannon's amazing talents.
Maybe she could teach me a few things.
And we could kind of go in on a duet.
You lay out a few lines.
First single together?
Drop a single maybe.
I don't know.
Are you ready for our rap debut?
As a duo.
Is that why we're both-
That's why were matching.
If you guys can get this video to like-
I don't even know!
I never know what number to tell you guys to do.
Let's do the highest number we've ever done.
If you guys can get this to 35,000 likes-
Aggressive, like...
You can do it, I believe in you.
It's an aggressive goal, but this is a very impressive duo.
If this is me at 16, can you imagine me at 23?
Yeah, you're like a seasoned professional now.
It's going Triple Platinum.
Yeah, you don't want yourself to go gold, that's lower.
I want to go Platinum.
Love you guys, and I hope you enjoyed this video.
I hope we can get it to that many likes.
'Cause I really, deep down inside, I want to do it.
I mean we're probably gonna do it regardless.
Ok, love you guys!
I love you!
"...can run it like me!"
"Check out my hair, and my curves."
"I'm the only beverage, that can't be served!"
All right, let's go.
All right.
*Music Plays*
"Lil Bev, and you know I'm dope."
"I got speed, think I'm runnin' down a slope."
"I'm a braniac check my SAT."
"No girl in this game can run it like me."
"Check out my hair, and my curves."
"I'm the only beverage, that can't be served."
"Lil Bev, always on the track."
"L.O.V.E., also known as-"
*Track Scratches*
Oh my god, let's listen to it again.
Babe, no.
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nowthisisliving-反應我的RAP事業 (REACTING TO MY RAP CAREER)

225 Folder Collection
莊可芊 published on August 24, 2016
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