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(Children) Kids react to
Viral Videos!
First Video:
Leave Britney Alone
-Ok this is making me sad
Leave Britney Spears alone right NOW!
-Britney Spears?!
I mean it!
-Is that her sister?
-Turns it off, turns it off!
-I wanna play.
(Children) Question time!
Fine Bros: Is it a Boy or a Girl that is talking?
A Girl.
That was a guy
Kind of thought is a man a little bit but i'm not sure
I'm not even sure
I think that was a guy
I'm sure it were a girl, she sounds like a girl
A Guy, imposing as a Girl.
It was a girl.
Fine Bros: What if I told you it was a boy?
It Is!? That's disgusting!
Fine Bros: It is a boy.
No it's not.
She's Just like a girl!
He I mean
I mean
Fine Bros: Why do people need to leave Brittany Spears alone?
Maybe because she has a cold?
Probably because she's sick.
Brittany Spears loss of privacy.
That was the time when she like shaved her head and everybody was like going crazy about her like
'Oh Britney!'
Fine Bros: Have you ever been this upset about something?
Not that I would make a video about it and post it on YouTube
Fine Bros: Would you make a video and share it with the world if you were this upset?
No way Jose
You see that persons like looking back on it right now
"I am so stupid"
We should just leave other people alone - let 'em deal with their own problems
(children) Next video:
"Japanese dog commercial"
(Video) Consome! Consome! Consome Panchi!
Consome! Consome! Consome Panchi!
-Oh my god.
How's that make them like each others again?
Hahahaha! That's so weird!
What?! Heh-hah!
What?! He-hah!
I can't really understand what happened there
It's like the weirdest thing I've ever seen
(Children) Question time!
Fine Bros: What was that? What was going on?
A boy, so sad because he didn't get this girl
This dog came
and actually standing up
And all of a sudden he leaps out and starts doing random rap moves
(Imitating the dog) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
The puppies were dancing and the princess. It was so adorable
Fine Bros: What country do you think the commercial is from?
Like Chinese or something
I mean tiesta, potacatis, that's chinese
I don't really know how to speak that
Fine Bros: What's going on at this point?
Oh my gosh, it's a dog?!
It popped up and there was a doll
A sensitive fake dog
Of course it can take off its head
It pans over and and the dog has like a doll head on it
It's so weird!
He's trying to dress up as the girl
So he would eat the chips
Because the girl likes the chips and he wants to be like the girl
So he eats the chips, the girl likes him
and then they go out and then they break up
so what's the point here?
Fine Bros: I don't get it, how does even the dogs head turn into a porcelain doll give you that?
It just does!
Cause she looks a lot like that weird chinese girl
Fine Bros: Dogs creep you out?
No that dog creeps me out!
Fine Bros: Why?
It's making kids love each other
Wouldn't that creep you out?
(Children) Next video:
"Berries and Cream"
(Video) Berries and cream! Berries and cream!
(Video) ..I'm a little lad who loves Berries and Cream!
Berries! And creeeeeeam!
-This spoke right to my heart
(Children) Question time!
Fine Bros: Who was that guy that showed up?
A little minion
Russian short guy
He might come from munchkin land or something
Someone who took some kind of
potion to survive from the 1400s
Fine Bros: Does this make you want candy?
Fine Bros: What does it make you want to buy?
Weird-guy repellents?
It makes me want to
turn off the TV
Fine Bros: What did you think about his dance?
It was a
a scary dance
It looked like a leprechaun dance
(Children) Final video:
"Trololo song"
Yeyeye yeye ye yeye ye
He's not even singing
It doesn't even look like he's singing it
Yeah I like dancing
I couldn't even do the ballerina thing
and then she does something like that
Isn't that amazing?
How long does this go on?
Fine Bros: *laughs*
He won't stop
Fine Bros: *applauding* Great job!
Did you like that little flip?
(Children) Question time!
Fine Bros: So did you like the song?
Yeah kind of,
like kind of
I think it was weird
It was funny!
Fine Bros: What do you think of the guy singing it?
His face
looks like frankenstein
I think they were fangs
He's potentially evil-looking
German version of the nanny
a Creeper!
Fine Bros: *Laughing*
Fine Bros: So, and you don't think he was singing it?
He was lipsyncing, you can tell cause like, when he was going
he was like "AAAAAH"
and then when he was going "ah"
he was like "oh"
Like, like you could barely see his mouth moving
He was just like smiling the whole time
Fine Bros: Was his lip-syncing good?
It was very bad
Fine Bros: Any redeeming qualities or anything good about this video?
This is going to be burned into my brain
All because of you guys!
(Child) Thanks for watching!
Thanks for watching!
Let me know what other videos i should watch
Mhenun mhen nuhm nunuhun
Lololol lolol lolol
berries and cream, berries and cream, berries and cream
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Kids React to Viral Videos #2 (Leave Britney Alone, Trololo, Berries and Cream, Japanese Commercial)

356 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on August 23, 2016
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