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[Volker] The love of inventing never ends.
It is fun to think up something and then to implement it.
[Xuelian] Calligraphy for me is not about writing, it’s about setting the signs of the times.
[Jim] Design Engineering is very creative thinking and drums are the engine of music.
It’s fascinating to dictate the rhythm precisely.
[Gertraud] Creativity is also required at the Mercedes Benz Bank because we develop innovative products for Sales.
[Andreas] I am driven by the attention to detail.
As precisely and as cleanly as possible - that is my goal.
[Jorit] As a tool mechanic one has to work particularly accurately.
Every hundredths of a millimeter counts.
Everything has to be perfect.
[Toto] Anybody in for a coffee break?
Navigate to best coffee around me.
Show online results.
[Produktionsleitung] minutes coffee break for everyone!
[Sayaka] Tradition is not meeting clichés, it’s passing along experiences.
[Ahmad] May I have your attention please - This is about technologies
it clearly works as you can see and not by chance but strategy
be a digital hero version 4 point zero
[Behrang] I also embody the other banker and I think that it's a nice mixture when you can see that behind the person there are also other characters.
[Carlos] When you find that passion for something you’ve got to stick with it.
With Daimler I definitely find that feeling of a family.
[Jana] Perfection and grace are the result of inner strength, perseverance and discipline.
[Zoleka] Whenever you give your voice, you give your soul.
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"Driven by creativity" - Daimler corporate movie 2016

262 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on August 17, 2016
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