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  • Three days after Donald Trump unveiled his economic platform,

  • Hillary Clinton has delivered a hard-hitting attack on her republican rival,

  • accusing him of pursuing self-serving policies that would deliver tax benefits to the rich.

  • "Now there is a myth out there,

  • that he will stick it to the rich and powerful,

  • because somehow,

  • he's really on the side of the little guy.

  • Don't believe it."

  • Mrs. Clinton outlined her economic agenda

  • in a speech in a factory in Warren, Michigan,

  • choosing the same state that Mr. Trump did on Monday,

  • when he set out his tax-cutting, regulation-reducing plans in Detroit.

  • Mrs. Clinton's speech focused on measures she said would boost jobs and lift the fortunes of the middle class.

  • Including an infrastructure program,

  • and measures to tackle student debt.

  • In an attempt to tackle her own vulnerabilities in working class areas that have suffered from deindustrialization,

  • Mrs. Clinton vowed to get tough in enforcing trade deals.

  • This included appointing a new trade prosecutor,

  • and boosting the number of enforcement agents when tackling disputes with countries like China.

  • Mrs. Clinton also denounced Mr. Trump for being too pessimistic about the US's prospects.

  • And indeed those of Michigan itself.

  • "Mr. Trump's approach on trade was based on fear, not strength." Mrs. Clinton said,

  • as she doubled down on a more optimistic vision of America's economic situation.

  • "Who can bring people together to get any of this done?

  • Right?

  • Well, I believe I can.

  • Because I think I can provide serious, steady leadership that can find common ground,

  • and build on it,

  • based on hard, but respectful bargaining with the other side.

  • Leadership that rises above personal attacks and name-calling, not revels in it."

  • Sam Fleming, Financial Times, Washington, D.C.

Three days after Donald Trump unveiled his economic platform,

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Clinton gets tougher on trade | FT World

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