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-What's up man?
-It's so good to see you.
-Hold it!
Do you see what's wrong with this picture?
Two guys hugging?
But there ain't nothing wrong with that when you got a bromance.
The expression of affection between two males who are not necessarily attracted to each other.
The word bromance is a compound word
combining brother and romance
which came from the Romans who we all know
built the pyramids.
The act of bromancing or bromanstication
originated during the Roman empire on the battlefield
when two soldiers would celebrate a victory.
Nowadays bromance happens all around the world.
[sad music playing]
-Dude, it's such a cruel, cruel world.
My dog Patri just died.
-Aw, man.
I'm so sorry.
-Almost there! Got it!
Yes! Yes! Whoo!
-Thank you.
-I'll get it, man.
-No, let me.
-It looks really good.
-It is.
-Can I have a sip of that?
-It's all you.
[Baby by Justin Bieber plays]
-Blue! Blue 42
plus nine minus three. Hut!
-Yo, what's up, Jay, long time no see, man.
-Fine. Lookin' good.
-Is that a new haircut?
-Yeah it is man, thanks for noticing.
-That is really--this is really nice.
This is so beautiful.
It's so soft, it's like eyebrow hair.
That is really nice.
So the weather's been nice.
-What are you--are we bowling?
-We're playing basketball!
-It has been so sunny.
California, home of the cactuses.
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Word of the Day - Bromance

16187 Folder Collection
Phat Khuu published on December 4, 2016    Jeanne translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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