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So I've composed a little rap, a little rhyme If you will grant me one more moment of your time
Before you slip out of your seats and walk down all those stairs
May I tell you 'bout Broadway Cares
A charity that we all support. For some many they are the last resort
Broadway Cares gives to other charities to one in particular I'mma share with you
It's called Graham Windham (Graham Windham)
If you didn't know, that's the orphanage Eliza started years ago
They do so much for so many in need so we do what we can so that they succeed
If you'd like to help, here's what you do. See a red bucket? Drop in a bill or two
(See a red bucket? Drop in a bill or two. See a red bucket? Drop in a bill or two)
A Washington, A Hamilton, A Lincoln, A Jackson Or swipe a credit card if that gives a satisfaction
Swipe it at the bar
And while you're there you'll find a Hamilton Playbill that we have all signed
It's also signed by Questlove and Black Thought from The Roots
Don't miss your shot. $300 each cuz there are just a few
but we got signed posters, too (We got signed posters, too We got signed posters, too)
And one more thing, before we're through
We love sharing this time with you. We love sharing this time with you
We love sharing this time with you
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Hamilton's Renée Elise Goldsberry raps for Broadway Cares at Jonathan Groff's Last Show

236 Folder Collection
Emily H. published on August 14, 2016    Emily H. translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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