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Hi, this is 13N
Here we are for a basic tutorial on how to ride
What you see in front is Yamaha's street supermoto
It's a WR250X
Let's first take a look at where the controls are
On the left, we have the clutch
You change gear by moving shift lever here
Step all the way down is first gear
and then upshift to 2, 3, 4 ,5 6
Neutral is between 1st and 2nd gear
and on this side
it's the rear brake lever
Front brake lever
ok, I am in neutral right now
so I can move it back and forth freely
the key is already in the ignition and ready to start
Usually kill switch is switched off when bike's off
Let's start over
Ignition on
Kill switch on
Hit the starter button
Before we start, lift the kickstand up
The basic controls are
First pull the clutch toward yourself to disengage
so that you can put into the gear you want
You can only shift when clutch is pulled in
As said earlier, stepping all the way down is 1st gear
kick down
Now we are in first gear. Neutral light is off
When clutch is pulled in, it is like you are in neutral
Give it gas, and bike won't move
The next important thing is to feel the clutch
and feel the friction zone
That's when transmission is fully engaged
My clutch engages far out
The bike is moving now
Now pull in the clutch and brake
ok we are done here.
Just kidding, there's more!
Let's do it again
Bike is now moving forward
I haven't fully released the clutch yet
When I fully release the clutch
The bike stays in 1st gear and moves forward
When you brake, pull the clutch in before fully stopped
If you don't pull in the clutch, the bike will stall
ok, let's do it again
Before coming to a stop, remember to pull in the clutch
let me turn around
let's say you release the clutch and give it gas at the same time
Just a little bit of gas
The bike will accelerate quicker
Listen to the engine speed
Fully release the clutch, and you are now riding with throttle only
When decelerating and coming to a stop, remember to pull in the clutch
Basically, riding in first gear was just like that
Again, first gear down, second gear up
In between, it's neutral
Clutch is pulled in
Lift the lever gently to get into neutral
I am in neutral now
In neutral, you can gas it and bike won't move
now let's try
starting in first gear and move forward then brake
remember the clutch
say we are shifting to 2nd gear
we need to downshift to first when stopping
Often you can brake, pull in clutch, stop, then downshift back to first gear
so you brake, brake, brake
when approaching to stop, downshift to first
like this
ok, brake
Clutch is pulled in
Alright! That's it folks
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檔車教學! 五分鐘學會騎車 How To Ride A Motorcycle 基礎操作 basic control tutorial

579 Folder Collection
Jon Frank published on August 12, 2016
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