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I'm Twiggy. I'm a
model, an actress, a singer,
tap dancer, quite a good cook actually!
I have been really lucky,I mean I started off in 66 as a model and I was this very young.
16-year-old schoolgirl, who loved fashion, loved clothes, loved making
mad outfits to wear. I was given the nickname Twiggy because
I had very skinny legs. I think the heart and soul of
London is is still the same as I always remember it . And my dad was very good
about taking us to places, the Natural History Museum,
the V&A in which we are sitting now, this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous museum.
the exhibitions they have on here to do with fashion and jewellery
and anything to do with design is extraordinary. I remember coming in
probably twenty-five years ago and
there was this pale pink rock like that size, it was a ruby,
an uncut ruby, and I've never forgotten it. I mean I think we're very blessed
in the fact that we have some of the great museums
an art galleries in the world. I have lots of
very fond memories of lots of wonderful places in London. One has to be the
Royal Albert Hall because
you won't believe this but I actually played it one night. I did a concert tour in
the seventies and I played the Albert Hall and that was scary!
I mean it's one of the great buildings. The other great thing about London
is shopping!
What girl doesn't love to shop? You've got everything here for
whatever your budget is, and we've got amazing shopping streets.
Bond Street, Regent Street, Knightsbridge.
When you come to London you've got to go to the theatre.
Not only do we have wonderful performers, but the buildings themselves are
iconic and beautiful and amazing. I mean London's unique
because it's London and there's so much to do. We've got Waterloo Bridge
and walk along the South Bank because you go the views of the other side
of London which is the lovely old part,
and then you can walk past The National
all the little cafes and you've got that view of St Pauls.
Everyone wants to come to London! It's the best city in the world.
And I live here, I'm very lucky.
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The London Story - Twiggy

2021 Folder Collection
Una Li published on August 11, 2016    Una Li translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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