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  • - I'll start. What did you think--

  • - What did you think...

  • - What did you think...

  • - What did you think...

  • - What did you think when I told you I was gay?

  • - I thought you were kidding.

  • ♪ [music] ♪

  • - I didn't think anything because I knew it and I just needed you to tell me it.

  • - I felt relieved. I wasn't like, dumbfounded, shocked and surprised.

  • - Did you have any fears after I told you I was gay?

  • - Yes. Well not fears of you, just fears for you. About people accepting you outside of your house.

  • - I think society has progressed an awful lot, but naturally I had fears for you for being the victim of discrimination.

  • - Were you scared to tell me you were gay?

  • - I was petrified. I had known I was going to be in the city for two nights, and I had plans if you guys didn't want me to stay in the house with you anymore.

  • - I can't believe you felt that way.

  • - When did you first know I was gay, if ever?

  • Remember my favorite Power Ranger was the pink one.

  • - When did you first know I was gay?

  • - When you were like four years old with a sheet wrapped around you singing Ella Fitzgerald.

  • - There were times in life that I thought you were,

  • especially when you would walk around the house singing show tunes.

  • - I had conversations with people who were involved in the gay and bisexual community

  • really early on when you were little. - What?!

  • - And at that moment I said to myself, "Oh shit, he's gay."

  • - And said, "Oh, you know what?"

  • - That kid's gay?

  • - That kid's gay.

  • - Wow.

  • - Was I one of the first or the last people you told, and why?

  • - I guess you were kind of both because I kind of came out all at once.

  • - If you could set me up with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

  • - Woah.

  • - What about, like, Brad Pitt from Thelma and Louise?

  • - I don't like Brad Pitt.

  • - That's why I'm gay and your not.

  • - You are such a unique, great guy. You are going to find the right person for yourself when you're not looking,

  • and I don't give a shit about whether it's a celebrity or whether it's some guy who sweeps the streets.

  • So I really can't find a good answer to that question.

  • - Do you have any advice out there for dads who think their son might be gay?

  • - Yes. Open up. Ask them. Talk to them. Be honest.

  • and let them know that you support them and love them no matter who they are.

  • - It has nothing to do with them being gay. Pay attention to your kids.

  • - You want the best for your child. You want to encourage them to be who they are.

  • So if that's who they are, that's who they are. I mean, it's kind of simple.

  • - Oh! Happy Father's Day, dad.

  • - Thanks sweetie.

  • - Happy Father's Day, dad!

  • - Thank you.

  • - Thank you.

  • - Happy Father's Day, dad!

  • - I love you. - I love you.

  • - What did you get me?

  • Very good.

- I'll start. What did you think--

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Honest Conversations: Fathers and Their Gay Children

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    Ashley Lai posted on 2016/08/09
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